Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gloucester, VA Local Government Using Local Business Tax Dollars To Kill Local Businesses

Gloucester, VA Local Government Using Local Business Tax Dollars To Kill Local Businesses

GVLN Press Release
July 17th, 2012

Gloucester, VA. Local county government is flooding the local search engines with a huge amount of pages from it's main site located at www.gloucesterva.info. With a net effect of taking over the vast majority of local search results. This is coming at a large cost to local businesses with web sites and any other potential business considering putting up a local web site as the sites are getting lost in the search engine results.

A business that yesterday may have been on the first page of a Gloucester, VA search engine result may now find themselves way down on the 5th or 6th page of search results thanks to local government efforts to tie up local search. This is just bad for local commerce. How can anyone compete with a local government with such deep pockets all funded by local tax dollars? Where one ranks in the search engine results can make a huge difference in the amount of business one does in this information age.

Expected response from local government officials would be to say that it's an honest mistake made as the county was only trying to make the community aware of all the local government services available and part of it's effort in a transparent government process. Gloucester, VA Links and News thinks that there are other reasons for the county flooding the search engines. An old SEO trick when the county comes under attack with negative press is to flood out the results of that press so that it has little to no effect on the county government.

Gloucester, VA Links and News has been covering numerous negative news pieces about Gloucester, VA official’s and various offices and believes that this is the exact reason why the county government is flooding the search engines.

Either way, it's bad for local businesses as their sites keep getting pushed further down the search engine results causing a net negative effect in local commerce that helps fund the local government to begin with. It's just a self defeating move on the part of the county.

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