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Sunrise Donuts Funded By Tax Payers? Holli M Cohoon Updated

Sunrise Donuts Funded By Tax Payers?

GVLN – Holli Cohoon 911 Operator Update

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Well we have learned some very interesting facts about Holli Cohoon who was the 911 operator with the Gloucester County Sheriff's office during the time of the case we have been reporting on. Only weeks after she took the 911 call from the victim, she left the Sheriff's office. Not long after leaving the sheriff's office, she gave false statements in court against the victim in our news stories and also received a very large sum of money from the Gloucester Sheriff's Office.


Not long after that, Holli opened a new business. Sunrise Donuts located on route 17 south in White Marsh next to the Hampton Tobacco shop, another business recently in our news spotlight. One could say that the Sunrise Donuts Shop has been financed by the tax payers of Gloucester County as the Sheriff's Office is not supposed to be a money making enterprise. The finances come from we the tax payers.

Local community reaction to the shop has been a mixed bag. Some complain about the higher prices and quality not being as good as other local competition, along with being an extra stop not worth making while others do not mind paying the higher costs and have no issues with the quality and limited selections.

Some of the complaints heard by local patrons is selections being sold out early with no more production for the day and being a chronic issue. Hours of operation have also been addressed as a concern by many locals.

News stories are starting to flood in about other extremely questionable activities stemming from Gloucester Animal Control. Our files are now bulging and our research is stretched and we will continue to collect all the files. Jeff Stillman has come into our recent spotlight along with the requests on him from his wife about animals she has wanted. We are investigating this story right now.

We are also now uncovering Monique Donner, Esq, ties to USERL and how she has been actively involved in highly questionable raids then acts as a prosecutor against those she was actively involved in said raids. Is there a question of ethics and a conflict of interest?

We have further learned how Gloucester Animal Control is tied in with USERL and have documentation that Gloucester Animal Control never dares raid a property that has horses without USERL when it comes to the bigger raids. Plus we have uncovered the financial scams that finance highly questionable raids throughout the nation and how they all work. Money that is funneled in by the ASPCA on raids where there are more than 12 horses on a property. Profits abound in these raids and then there is the collection of financial donations that certain non profit organizations take in on top of the money they make on these raids. What a business. Robin Hood is still alive and well but gives nothing to the poor.

In fact we have uncovered a demographic that raids fit into. Well off but not rich. Just enough money to be comfortable and maintain a comfortable lifestyle, but not wealthy enough to defend themselves in very expensive court battles. Even if they do mount an offensive, they normally can't afford the constant put offs normal in the court systems and also mounted by lawyers.

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We continue to watch all of the pages Gloucesterva.info continues to put into the search engines to stave off any potential negative news that could potentially affect the county. The problem is that it is choking the local search engines from being able to show local community businesses as well, seriously hurting local commerce. More of your tax dollars working hard against you.

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