Friday, July 20, 2012

GVLN - TSA Agents Allegedly Strip-Search Woman, Fiddle with Feeding Tube

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Omar Villafranca, NBC 5 News
A North Texas woman says airport security agents strip-searched her and then swabbed her medically implanted tube for explosives.
A North Texas man says he is outraged that airport security agents at Dallas Love Field strip-searched his wife and handled her feeding tube.
Melinda Deaton has a four-inch medical tube sticking out of her stomach. The medically implanted tube is needed for treatment after complications with a gastric bypass surgery.
Deaton frequently flies from Dallas to Minneapolis for treatment at the Mayo Clinic. She said Transportation Security Administration agents strip-searched her and touched her feeding tube Wednesday morning when she was on her way to three days of treatment.
Her husband, John Deaton, said the incident was unusual.
"They will see it on their screens, ask her what it is, she'd identify it, they may pat it on the outside of her clothing, accept it and go on," he said.
But that didn't happen Wednesday morning.
Even though she was wearing a medical bracelet with a USB drive on it that contained notes from her doctor, TSA agents still searched her.
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