Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gloucester supervisors look to clean up local waters

Seal of Gloucester County, Virginia
Seal of Gloucester County, Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The banks of the Piankatank River
The banks of the Piankatank River (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Tuesday night moving forward with the establishment of No Discharge zones in Gloucester County's waters.
Establishing No Discharge zones in Gloucester County means boaters would be prohibited from dumping human sewage in rivers, streams and creeks. The county's Go Green Committee began working on the process last year before coming before the supervisors for approval to continue the work.
The zone areas would include the Piankatank River, Mobjack Bay and the York River and all of their tributaries. Establishing the zones on some of the waterways — including the Piankatank and upper North rivers and Adams and Poropotank creeks and Morris Bay — will require coordination with neighboring counties.
Phil Olekszyk, a member of the Go Green Committee said boaters whose vessels are equipped with marine sanitation devices can discharge without penalty in Gloucester waters. He showed a map that highlighted thousands of acres ofGloucester rivers, streams, creeks and bays that are off-limits to shellfish harvesting due to polluted waters.
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We wish the board good luck with this.  How do they propose to stop people from dumping?  Will dumping police now be patrolling all the water ways?  This looks like a forced business that people now have to use if they want to own and use a boat.   More of your freedoms being taken away in the name of environmental correctness.  Just wear orange to protest the go green movement.

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