Friday, August 10, 2012

Gloucester, VA Beehive Paper - Anti Green? We Applaud It.

The Gloucester County, Virginia Beehive, Published by the Gloucester Department of Community Education must be anti green.  We noticed the use of orange print on the cover and the paper is produced on standard newsprint and not recycled paper.  Now the Department of Education is part of the county government and the county government keeps moving forward with all of this going green initiative announcements and promotions.  But do they actually buy it?

  We have been advocating orange in place of green for some time now as a way of showing you do not buy the hype surrounding the green movement.  The fact that Gloucester County is producing a quarterly county report using standard newsprint of a high quality shows that the county really does not buy into the hype they are forced to sell the rest of us.  It works like this.  The county is required by law to promote and institute a certain amount of so called green initiatives by state law in order to maintain certain amounts of state funding.  The Commonwealth of Virginia is also in the same boat.  The Commonwealth of Virginia must institute a certain amount of green initiatives in order to maintain certain federal funding.

  So why not use recycled paper to produce these quarterly reports?  Because recycled paper costs more and is of inferior quality and it takes more resourced to produce than manufacturing from raw materials.  So we actually Applaud Gloucester County Government officials for making a sound choice and just saying no to all the nonsense found within the green movement and also keeping our taxes lower in this area.  We would like to see more orange print in future editions of the Beehive.

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