Friday, August 10, 2012

Gloucester, VA - J Lo's Boob Falls Out On TV, Is It Okay To Look? (NSFW)

You can go to hundreds of websites on the internet to find nude shots of celebrities. The pictures you’ll see there come in all forms and sizes, and they’re acquired through a variety of methods. Sometimes it’s willing nudity as in Mr. Skin’s reposting of nude scenes. Sometimes it’s unwilling nudity as in that sketchy and immoral video where someone filmed Erin Andrews undressing through the peephole of her hotel room. We don’t cover either of those types of nudity here at Pop Blend. Call us crazy but we think you should actually have to sit through a movie to see the nude scene in context, and we also think invading someone’s privacy by illegally creeping in their private space is dirty and wrong. That being said, if you go ontelevision or in a public place wearing an outfit that doesn’t cover up the goods, that’s fair game. 
Such was the case with Jennifer Lopez during her appearance on the German television show Wetten dass…. Moving around, braless, in a free flowing top, the American Idol judge briefly let it all hang out, much to the surprise and probable delight of many viewers watching the variety show live. When is a nipple slip just a nipple slip and when is it actually news? I’d argue, if the person’s famous and it happened in a surprising or public context, there’s no differentiating between the two. That’s why movie nudity isn’t typically a worthwhile story, but Anthony Weiner’s erection is. Everymajor media outlet unabashedly reported Janet Jackson’s epic mishap at the Super Bowl, and Lopez’s blunder was largely the same thing, just on a much smaller scale. Author: Mack Rawden

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