Sunday, November 25, 2012

How The State of Virginia Can Out Prosper The Rest of The Nation

How can the State of Virginia out prosper the rest of the nation?  It's very simple.  The video above is about nullification.  Our Federal Government has grown to big and to powerful for the good of the people.  The states can do something about it.  The Federal Reserve system is a private banking concern that produced paper script backed by nothing.  The federal reserve also has a large presence in Richmond, Virginia so it would make it hard to fight, but our leaders of this great state could declare the Federal Reserve null and void based on Constitutional law and then proceed to produce a state currency that is actually backed by something of value.  Once one state starts the ball rolling, other states will follow.  It's not script that is the problem, that's paper money for those who have no idea what script is.  Paper money that is backed by nothing means nothing.

  If you view American History, every state used to create it's own script.  Script or paper money that was backed by a deposit of something valuable like Gold and Silver.  The Gold standard was removed in the USA back in the 1930's after the Federal Reserve grabbed it all for the payment of debt it said the Federal Government owed it.  Hence the first great depression.  Then in 1965 we dropped the silver standard in our coinage.  Again the Federal Reserve took all our silver in partial payment of the debt we owed to a private bank that does nothing more than print paper money.

  The real kicker.  All the Gold and Silver that used to belong to the USA is no longer there and has not been.  Private citizens have been allowed to buy gold and silver that was once theirs anyway, at an increased cost.  But nothing backs the USA dollar.  Nothing.  What is the good faith and credit of the citizens of the USA mean really.  No one has ever been able to explain that to us logically.  Illogically yes, but logically?  No.  End the Federal Reserve at least in this state and you will have a state well on the way to being a world leader in everything and everyone wanting to do business here as well as live here because there will be true value here.  And this is only scratching the surface of what the state is capable of doing if it really looks at the nullification process.  The majority of power of the USA belongs to the states, not the Federal Government.

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