Monday, December 3, 2012

Gloucester, VA- December 21st, 2012 Is The End Of Days, However, What You May Not Know Is....

December 21st, 2012.  Who has not heard that this is the end of days or even the end of time?  We decided to explore this and have come up with some very interesting answers and some facts you may not already know.  The date for December 21st, 2012 is when the Mayan calendar ends.  The real meaning for all of this is it marks the end of time.  Well a time period actually.  We are presently in what is known as the Piscian age or the age of Pisces.  It's an astrological calendar.  What is interesting is that while we were investigating all of this, we also ran across similar codes in the Bible.  It turns out that one of the secret codes of the Bible is that it is encoded with astrological information.

  We are entering the age of Aquarius.  Starting on December 25th, we will be in the new age.  For those who remember this song on the following video, there was a real message here.

Listen to the words closely on this video.  It is seriously revealing hidden mysteries.  This was not some quirky fun song designed for entertainment.  It was a serious message to those whom could understand.

This video you can follow the words of the song.  This is another video on You Tube where the embedding code is disabled but the video gives some more interesting answers.  Yes we are shifting to a new age.

Now this video covers more on the end of days or the end of a time period.  A focus on the 11;11 code.  This will just drive you nuts.  Folks grabbing at straws.  Either way, just make sure you get all of your Christmas shopping done before the 21st of December and at before 11:11 AM so that all the stores can make their profits before the end of time.  Everything we know, life is going to continue to go on.  Edgar Cayce says that we are to experience a shift in consciousness.  That shift will be one where we will develop the ability to communicate with God through our own minds for those who choose to accept that gift.

  Our money is going towards the Edgar Cayce prophecies more than anything else.

An interesting video that is accurate to the readings of Edgar Cayce.  We will cover more on this area soon.
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