Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gloucester, VA Animal Control Law 3-15 Failure To Provide Duties of Ownership

Gloucester County, Virginia Animal Control Law 3-15 Failure To Perform Duties of Ownership.  What we are about to present is Gloucester County, VA law 3-15 that is one of the most blatantly stated and abused laws in our opinion used against Gloucester County residents.  It's a broadly stated law that really has no meaning when broken down from our view.  It's part of the Gloucester County Animal Control Laws.  We have been told that it was created to supersede state animal control laws.  Legally no that can not be done.  But let's take a look at this law and try and see if we can figure out what it means.

 The above is copied as a jpg image from the Gloucester County Info site and used here under DMCA fair use laws.  The above is very general and has no real definition.  At any given point, everyone can be held liable for violation to the above.  This is the most common violation used by Animal Control in Gloucester County as it can not be defined.  If it can not be defined then we say that it is not a law.  It is nothing more than hoodwinking and abusing people and their own rights in our opinion.  In other words, it's tripe.  Gloucester County needs to define the above law and make it very clear.  Are we talking about a moment in time or are we talking about one day, a week a month, or just one minute?  If it's not defined, then it will continue to be abused and used against anyone Gloucester Animal Control wishes to use it against.

  Now here is how Gloucester County Animal Control defines this law.  They use the State's definition of terminology of what each section referred to means to those other sections of law.  In other words, there is still no definition to the above.  This is the link to VA Law 3.2-6500 as referenced by Gloucester code 3-15.  It does not mean anything.  It's a law based on a definition.  Not a law based on a law.  Nice little trick don't ya think?

Disclaimer:  We are not attorney's and this is not legal advice.  We are just highly questioning Gloucester County Animal Control Law 3-15.  Only an attorney can advice you on legal matters.

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