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Gloucester, VA - Lead Worth More Than Silver And Gold

one oz. Proof U.S. gold bullion
one oz. Proof U.S. gold bullion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lead is worth more than gold.  As crazy as that sounds, let us justify the statement.  In the moment of emergency crisis, what would you rather have on hand to protect yourself from danger or even death?  If you are being robbed, would you prefer to throw some gold bullion or gold jewelry at your would be attacker or would you rather shoot the attacker full of lead?  If you throw gold at a would be attacker, you have just cheapened your life.  Your attacker is going to want to know how much more gold you have and might just kill you to get at it.  If you are showing your attacker lead, your attacker knows that their life is now in real danger.  Lead is worth more than gold in this case.  Think this is the only case?

  What would you rather go hunting with?  Lead or gold?  If you see a deer in the woods, are you going to go up to it and offer it some gold if it will give up it's life to feed you?  Are you going to throw gold at it in hopes that you might hit it hard enough to kill it?  People hunt usually with a lead delivery system known as guns with lead ammunition.  Lead is worth more than gold.  You can trade gold for other stuff if people are willing to believe that gold holds some kind of mystical value.  You can trade lead to stay alive.

  Gold is only a perceived value and not a true value like you have been taught.  The history of gold and silver is not what most people think it is.  Gold had little value in ancient times and was used for ornamentation and later used as a medium of exchange only because of it's easy pliability and resistance to corrosion.  It was turned into coins because of these qualities, not because gold was thought to be scarce and of value.  In fact, gold was more plentiful in ancient times.  As man put value on this metal, it became scarce.  Like diamonds, it's only real value is in jewelry, ornamentation, and these days, industrial applications.  Try and trade diamonds sometime.  No one wants them except jewelers to sell to the masses.  A jeweler will rarely ever buy a diamond back and if they do, it's at a dramatically reduced price from what was paid.  The value of diamonds is only perceived.

  You can not eat gold.  Gold will not heat or cool your home.  Silver will not provide you with clothing unless used in a perceived value exchange.  It can not make clothing for you though.  Lead can be used to supply you with food when used properly and it's not an exchange item in the way gold or silver are.   Lead can save your life.  Lead is also used to save lives everyday by shielding people from radiation.  Gold is not used for this nor is silver.  Lead is worth more than gold and silver on an ounce to ounce basis.  Yet man puts an ill perceived value on both gold and silver.  I would not want to fight someone using a sword made of gold or silver.  Steal is much preferred when making swords.  I would not want to try and chop down a tree with a golden ax.  Give me steal.  Next time someone tells you gold is worth something, ask them why?  Wait for the good laugh as they try to explain why.  They can't give you a true reason.  Only a perceived reason.

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