Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gloucester, VA Animal Control Says We Made Up Our Story?

The head of the Gloucester Animal Control Office, Carl, (Chuck) Shipley claims that we have made up the story and or evidence that is found at this link  in it's entirety and has been covered in articles on this site.  The evidence we present is all official Gloucester County documentation or official court records.  How are we to possibly make up records that the county has produced?  He says that there is nothing to this story.  If Chuck has some form of evidence to prove this, we would sure love to see it.

  If Gloucester Animal Control is sitting on some form of mysterious evidence that they have not brought before the courts or if other Gloucester County offices have evidence that they have not brought forth, we want to see it.  If Gloucester County has another version of the 911 call in their possession, we would sure love to hear it.

  Please post it on another site and send us the link.  We will be happy to link it into this site.  Please prove us wrong and we will be happy to make a public apology.  Heck, under the properly controlled circumstances, we would be happy to present all our original documentation for extensive public scrutiny.  We have nothing to hide.  All we do not show is who the victims are in this case.  Other than that, we have been showing only what the county has presented and highly questioning everything.

  On a further note, we have more news coming soon thanks in part to Carl, (Chuck) Shipley.  We have an extensive number of documents that just came in and let me say, it sure looks like we have a questionable situation here.  Are we looking at back dating legal documents again?  That paperwork is already scanned into our computers and has been sent to numerous locations throughout the cloud and will be published soon.

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