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Gloucester, VA - Ben Coffey Missing Something Not Being Told

We are sure everyone is already familiar with this story about the missing man, Ben Coffey.  Just from looking at the initial report on WTKR's web site,
we were struck with the question as to why Ben was looking to see if his boats were still docked at the pier where he left them.  Why would he do that?  There is a reason why and we are willing to bet that it's a big part of the puzzle as to why Ben is missing.  If we were investigating this case, we would pull records from Ben's cell phone and home phone to see who called him before he went to look for his boats.  We would also be checking his last few phone calls as well.

  Attempts to find Ben Coffey have since stopped in Tappahanock.  The investigation has now moved to Gloucester where the news is saying Ben lived out of the van that was found in Tappahanock.  Now why would he be living in a van when he had two boats and another claim says he was living with an acquaintance?  Was he living out of his van at the acquaintance house?  Again, this makes no sense.  Find why he went to look for his two boats and you will probably find the rest of the answers.

  Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal has this story;

The family of a missing Gloucester resident is seeking the public’s help in locating him. Benjamin Lloyd Coffey, 27, was last seen on New Year’s Eve. His vehicle was found New Year’s Day on Hobbs Hole Drive adjacent to the Holiday Inn Express in Tappahannock.
Coffey’s father, Terry Coffey of Richmond, said his son had rented a cottage on the North River for several months and was helping an acquaintance renovate a Gloucester property and take care of some animals. He said his son had apparently stopped renting the cottage about a month ago and was living with the acquaintance.
Coffey said his son was at the family’s Richmond residence Christmas Eve when they enjoyed a big dinner and opened gifts. He said he last saw his son the next morning when the younger Coffey left early, saying he needed to get back to take care of the animals. "He was in a good mood. He enjoyed his Christmas presents and was very happy," Coffey said.
The last known person to have talked with Ben Coffey was a childhood friend, with whom he spoke around 5:15 p.m. on New Year’s Eve.
He told the friend he was in Richmond and was headed home. "We would all assume it would mean Gloucester," Coffey said of his son’s destination. "Then his van was found in Tappahannock, that’s so confusing to me. It doesn’t make sense."
Click Here for the rest of the story at the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal web site.  

This is a Google map of the area where Ben Coffey had been living up until November, 2012.  If he was renting a cottage at the North River Inn, why not dock the boats there unless you needed easier access to other points.
Please note:  There is an update to this article that was posted days ago.  Please hit the home button above to view this update.

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  1. Following this case too over at on Killing Killers--where did you find the info about Coffey checking to see if his boats were still there? I followed your link, but either the reference was removed from that news article or it was never there.

    Let me know if you have this source handy someplace so I can read it and then post a case update for my own weblog visitors.


  2. The link states Terry, Ben's father, and his son-in-law went to go check to see if Ben's boats were still docked. Not Ben himself ... I think it may have been misread.

  3. Ben didn't go to see his boats, his parents went to see his boats to see if there was any indication of where Ben might be (or see if the boat might be gone indicating Ben was on the boat).


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