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Ever wonder what it would take to file a complaint against a county employee such as an Animal Control officer when they are abusive to you?  Were you even aware that you could?  We decided to see what it would take to file a complaint against someone when they are abusive and seeming to go above and beyond the scope of normal decency.  We started with Gloucester County's own Employment Personnel Policies and Procedures.  There we found that Gloucester County does not tolerate from any of it's employees the following, from 10-3 of it's own code, states this as one of many reasons for disciplinary measures.

  Use of offensive, abusive, threatening, coercive, indecent or discourteous language towards supervisors, other employees, or members of the public.

  This is what is publicly stated on the Gloucester County web site and found under Human Resources. A very common complaint we have heard over and over and over again is how abusive Animal Control Officers can be towards citizens of the county.  Animal Control Officers are Gloucester County Employees so this section applies to them as much as anyone else that is an employee of Gloucester County.

  Searching even further, we found no forms to use provided by the county that would show how to file a complaint against any county employee if and or when they violate county policies.  So we created our own based on Gloucester County Personnel Policies and Procedures.  All the information was there on what to do in order to file a complaint.  The complaint is supposed to become a permanent part of the employees employment records.

  Though our form is not an officially prescribed disciplinary form, Gloucester County does not have one that is officially prescribed that the public can use.  So our form is the next best thing in light of Gloucester County's failure to create one for public use.  10-3 has other areas of offenses as well.  This link takes you right to the Human Resources of Gloucester County's section of employment policies and procedures.  You can look up other offenses there and change any part of the form to make it fit your exact complaint.

  On our form, we have a section for a notary public to sign.  This is not required, however, it is highly recommended to create a more official complaint.  You can have a notary at your local bank take care of this section for you for free in most cases.  Do not sign the form until you are in front of the notary.

  Our form is free and is not under any form of copyright.  You are welcome to change it any way you wish.
You can download the copy for free.  If you have any issues downloading a copy, you can always copy and paste the text into your word document.  Make sure you keep an exact completed and signed copy for your own records.

  Where to send and or deliver your complaint.  County Administration Building One                                                  
6467 Main Street,  Gloucester, VA 23061    Phone: 804-693-5690.  Mon. - Fri. 8:00 AM til 4:30 PM.
If you are mailing the complaint, mail it to the Director of Human Resources.  Or Patricia K Michura who is the person who presently holds that position.  If you wish to file it electronically, pmichura the email address is here.  We separated the "a" from the @ so that it would not be a live link that the bots could farm to spam her account.

  The form is designed as a single person complaint.  If there are several people in your household or group that are filing a complaint, we recommend you use a form for each person.  If you are filing a complaint against more than one person, use a complaint form for each person.  The reason for this is because of where the form is filed against each person in their employee file.

  You may also wish to send us a copy of the complaint as well.  We are starting a database that can be searched by anyone to see if there are complaints already filed and what those complaints are.  This way nothing is hidden from the public.  If you wish to have your name removed from the bottom of the complaint, let us know when you send us a copy so that we can remove that from the database files.  Just send us a scanned jpg image of the form completed.  

Here is yet another link to the form.
Again, you can copy and paste the text or download a copy of the form.  Use it anyway you need to.

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