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Gloucester, VA - Readers Respond, Ben Coffey Missing

A reader has asked the following question;

Killing Killers has left a new comment on your post "Gloucester, VA - Ben Coffey Missing Something Not ...": 

Following this case too over at on Killing Killers--where did you find the info about Coffey checking to see if his boats were still there? I followed your link, but either the reference was removed from that news article or it was never there.

Let me know if you have this source handy someplace so I can read it and then post a case update for my own weblog visitors.


The answer, requires a correction.  We did not catch what we first read properly.   

reprinted from the site, On Friday, Terry and his son-in-law went down to where Ben docks his boat to check if they were still docked there.  They found both boats.

It was the father and son-in-law that went searching for Ben's boats.  Our own opinion, Ben saw something he should not have seen or was watching something that someone else wanted and did anything to get it.  That something was most likely in Gloucester County.  This is an internal link to one of our other stories.  We caution that the first part of the story is fictional.  Rumors have abounded Gloucester County for decades over local police and official corruption.  Part of those rumors center around the Colonial Parkway murders and how they were done by a local Gloucester County Sheriff's deputy.  Other rumors include how local sheriff's deputies break into peoples houses and that whenever any murder suicide or even a suicide occurs, it should be considered a highly suspicious event in Gloucester County.

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  There are even rumors about how a past Sheriff who commited suicide was actually bumped off for what he knew.  No investigation was ever done other than to call it a suicide.   Further rumors abound about the folks at the historical society and how they go about getting what they want.  How do you prove rumors?  We have been working on a particular case that has corruption writen all over it and fighting it for some time now.  This is a link to that story.  Striclty a personal opinion, and no disrespect to the family meant here, Ben is at the bottom of a river and is crab bait.  I hope to God I am wrong.  

  This site started over 4 years ago and was meant to be a positive impact and promotion of the county.  It has since become a battleground with the county.  When the site was more a positive aspect for the county, no one cared.  When it became a battleground, readership went through the roof.  We are read all over the world and have between 1,200 to over 2,000 viewers per day now.  In those early days, we were doing well when we hit 30 viewers per day.  As an entier entity, we are producing over 6,000 hits per day on a regular basis between our various sites.  Some days we are over 12,000 hits in a single day.  So the battles continue.  To coin a phrase, everyone loves a bloodbath, it's good for business.  Sad, isn't it?

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