Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gloucester, VA, Board of Supervisors Ask Senator Tommy Norment To Legalize Theft?


In a recent article in the Gloucester County, VA Beehive paper, the county has openly stated that it is asking Virginia Senator Tommy Norment to add Gloucester County to a list of localities that may require connection to the public water and sewer system by property owners where public systems are present.

  Property owners who have properly working private wells and sewage systems would not be required to disconnect and use public sources, but may be required to pay a connection/access fee and a monthly nonuser service charge.

  Anyone feel a gun at their backs yet?  The county wants to charge you for services they are not rendering.  This is the same thing as if you owned a business, let's say a printing business, and you decide to send the county a bill for setup fees and then a monthly nonuser fee for not using your printing services.  The same for any insurance company, any bakery, any auto repair shop, any type of business.  You can quickly bankrupt the county if you do business the way the county government wants to do business.  Just because they are a government entity does not give them the right to practice what is tantamount to illegal business practices in the real world.

  Both the county and the state want to legalize theft here plain and simple.  The county goes on to state in the article that they have already been collecting fees like this and made it clear that it was legal for them to do so, since 1988.  It may be legal, but it is immoral.  Anyone cheating the system here is fully justified in doing so in our view.

  Now here is yet another kicker, the county says the proposal is to address environmental and FINANCIAL issues of the county's sanitary system.  A system already paid for by tax payer revenues by the way.  The article states that currently the public water and sewer system are subsidized and supported by all tax payers including those who do not have public water and sewer services.  Since this is already the case, why are county officials proposing more fees?  Dual taxation?  Moral bankruptcy?  Shear greed?

  The revenues from the fees and charges collected would be designated to support sanitary services and reduce the subsidized amount taken from the general fund.  There is your answer folks.  The county wants more access to the general fund which is made up of your tax dollars anyway.  It's nothing more than another money grab.

  The article goes on to state that the proposed legislation would also facilitate business and residential development in the county now and into the future.  No it own't.  Who wants to do business in a place that legalizes theft in our view?  Who wants to live with outrageous taxation?  We see more people leaving because of issues like this.  Not moving here to support such nonsense.  This is the kind of legislation that people move out of the county because of it.

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   Still it gets worse.  The article also states that the inability to require sewer system connections will handicap the county in it's efforts to comply with regulatory requirements, including the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act which is shear nonsense in and of itself.  If you really want to preserve the Chesapeake Bay, you force the corporations to clean up their acts that are along the tributaries of the bay and are the ones who are really responsible for the damage.  But it's easier to blame the public masses and make them pay the burden for corporate pollution.  If sewage runoff was really the issue, humans could never have survived this long on this planet.  The water ways would have been over polluted with extreme toxicity centuries ago.

  But let's play their game for a few minutes here anyway.  As we see it. the government is the one that has the real issues with run off.  Blame the Governor because he is the one in charge of all the wildlife in the state.  The defecation that comes from wildlife is by far more than human waste.  Who's looking at that?  What about the county that sprays toxic pesticides every summer to control the mosquitoes?  What about the runoff from that?  Also, in case you did not know this, 3 Mile Island, the nuclear power plant located outside of Harrisburg, PA is located along one of the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay.  That's the same power plant that melted down a few decades ago.  Anyone think that has not caused lasting damage to the bay?  Yet you are being told that you are the real cause of the pollution?  Give me a break.  They are barking up the wrong tree.

  Now here is a point.  If you own a business, try and send Gloucester County a bill for not using your services.  See how fast you end up in court with criminal charges being put up against you.  Why are you allowing them to do this to you?

  Every session of the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors begins with an opening prayer.  A local minister or preacher comes in and delivers this.  We applaud that.  What we want to point out is the fact that God is not deaf.  It could just very well be that we are one of the messengers God has sent to answer those prayers for wisdom.  Something to think about.

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