Thursday, March 7, 2013

Battle of the Hook Returning In 2013 - New Re enactment Scheduled for Gloucester, VA

The Battle of the Hook returns to Gloucester, Virginia coming this October.  The days are the 18th through the 20th and will be at the beautiful Warner Hall location once again.  The first event held under this was back in 2008 which the picture here is from.  We will be supporting and promoting this event throughout the year.

  We donated a series of pictures and poster to the county museum from the first event back in 2008 and will also do the same after this event.  We are going to put up a free press resource area giving away pictures for promotional use from our 2008 archives so that newspapers and magazines have images to work with.  These will be done under a creative commons license.  We will also be giving away a free poster we designed from the 2008 re enactment.  You will be able to download it and print it out or take it to a printer to be printed out.

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Important links:  New new official site for the 2013 Battle of the Hook  Sponsor's site for the event.  Inn at Warner Hall main web site link.

On our links bar above, we have our own long standing site we dedicated to the 2008 Battle of the Hook event.  Looks like we will have to do some serious updates to the site.  Just click on the Battle of the Hook link and it will take you to that site for pictures and videos from the event as well as other information including the original site where the Battle actually took place.

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