Friday, March 29, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Local Chamber Of Commerce Becoming Invalid?

We have to ask the question.  Is the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce becoming invalid?  With all the challenges now being made by the Gloucester Main Street Association that is stepping more and more into the role that the Chamber of Commerce traditionally plays, it looks like the Gloucester Main Street Association is looking to kill the Chamber of Commerce as a valid tool for area businesses.

  In a recent article in the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal and a recent site visit to the Gloucester Main Street Association web site, the Gloucester Main Street Association is expanding out well past it's boundaries.  It's no longer containing itself to the Gloucester Main Street Village area.  Exceptions have been made that have brought in the Inn At Warner Hall into the GMA as well as WXHM radio.  Both outside the GMAV zone.

  Once you open this door, you can't close it.  The Gloucester Main Street Association now needs to open it's doors to all businesses in Gloucester County.  That includes the spice shops as well.  Or didn't they get the invitations?  In which case, the Gloucester Main Street Association needs to change it's name. Now that does look like a direct threat to the Chamber of Commerce to us.

  Further notes of interest is the headline in the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal.  Gloucester Main Street Association Chart Future Course.  Sounds familiar to the Triad story now does it not?  Food was provided during a membership and planning meeting.  That's fine as long as county employees were not eating any of the food provided,  If they were, that is also fine as long is it was the first time and the only time this year that they do so.  Otherwise you may be looking at further bribes being accepted by county employees.

  But then again, March is Bribe your local official month.  So bribe away.  Blackmailing your county official starts real soon here in April.  You have to love these people, they make reporting the news so much fun.

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