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Friday, July 3, 2015

Why We Celebrate The 4th of July: Independence Day

Why We Celebrate The 4th of July - USA from Chuck Thompson

Above is the 7th Virginia planning their war strategy for an upcoming battle.

The largest cavalry battle of the American Revolution took place right here in Gloucester, Virginia.

We fought for our Independence from England partially because of taxation without representation.  Does anyone see anything similar today?

The king thought he had a right to treat his British subjects in these colonies as he saw fit.  The American colonies were flourishing in part because we gave up trying to use the kings coin for trading and debts and instead created our own script.  The king outlawed us using our own script nearly bankrupting the colonies.  The extra taxes without representation was insult to injury.

The British burned our houses and destroyed our crops.  But never our spirit.

The French came to our aid in the battle.

The Marquis de Lafayette came over with his and the king of France's frigates and infantry to assist us.

With perseverance we won the day against tyranny.  We need to stand up once again and claim what is right and demand our inherent rights no longer be infringed upon.   Happy 4th of July and may America see many more with great pride and dignity.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Battle of the Hook, 2008 Special Video

Photo By; Chuck Thompson of TTC Media, All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes digging around areas you find little gold nuggets.  Well while we were digging around the county's special interest video archives, we found this little nugget and could not help but put it up for everyone to see.  Being big fans of the American Revolution and the great job that many within the county did putting both Battle of the Hook reenactments together and making these events happen, we had no choice but to share this.  This video is from the first event that occurred in 2008.  We have not seen anything from the 2013 event.  Which also reminds us, there is a brochure out circulating in the state of Virginia for Gloucester County tourism that lists Battle of the Hook as an event for 2014 and will be in October.  It's a very old brochure and there will not be a 2014 Battle of the Hook event for 2014.

  These events were very costly and very difficult to produce.  It take about 5 years to get groups together for this kind of event.  It takes at least one year just for the planning and staging.  Would we love to see another one?  Of course.  Can it be done yearly?  No way.  Will there ever be another one?  We are not counting on it, but would love to see it anyway.   We have a very large selection of photos from both events posted all over the net and a decent number of videos too.  We still have a lot we have not yet shared.  One day we may get to them.

American Revolution a
American Revolution a (Photo credit: Battleofthehook)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inn at Warner Hall Named Among Best Bed and Breakfasts in Virginia

Inn at Warner Hall Named Among Best Bed and Breakfasts in Virginia (via PRWeb)
The historic Virginia country bed and breakfast was voted among the top B&Bs by readers of Virginia Living Magazine. The Inn at Warner Hall is located in Gloucester, Va. and is a bed and breakfast and special event venue. Gloucster, VA (PRWEB) May 19…

Our Notes:  A well deserved honor for this grand gem of Gloucester.  Several of us had the privilege of having lunch one day with one of the owners during the Battle of the Hook re enactment last year.  He was most gracious and generous.  We could not have been more surprised and pleased with every aspect of everyone and everything at the Inn at Warner Hall.  If you are seeking a way to take a step back in time, yet not give up all of the amenities and or luxuries of today's modern life and also want something romantic and off the beaten path while still close to the heart of everything, this truly is the answer to your dreams.  Try it once and you will be hooked for wanting to come back as often as you possibly can.  Visit their site now.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gloucester, VA Old Page Middle School Site, What Should We Do With It?

There are a lot of questions being asked about what we should do with the old Page Middle School site.  Ideas have ranged from yet another community park to a community recreation center, a place to institute a new multi garage and repair center for the county and school board vehicles to selling the property to a commercial developer.

  Here is something to consider, it's got plenty of land and space for building what the county could really use.  A living museum.  Yes, we already have a museum.  A very tiny one.  Not a living one.  The county is always looking for ways to promote tourism and trying to figure out how to get more of the tourist dollars that go to other areas such as Jamestown, Yorktown and of course the big one, Williamsburg.  Those are areas with very rich histories.

  Looking at the entire scope of history however, Gloucester ranks right up there with these other locations.  Our history is no less remarkable and we just do not take advantage of it the way we should.  In the past, because of it's location, Gloucester was not a solid contender for being added to the list of joining Jamestown and Yorktown in crafting plans for promoting history and tourism.  Gloucester lacked a solid way to come into the county.  Today that simply isn't the case with a 4 lane bridge connecting us to those major centers.

  Gloucester lacks promotions of Pocahontas, Powhatan, Tobacco plantations, indentured servant uprisings, Bacon's rebellion, Battle of the Hook, Rosewell, Walter Reed birthplace and the first shots fired in Virginia during the American Civil War and the list is much larger than this.  Gloucester history is American History and we sit on it doing very little to promote and take advantage of it.

  Look across the river and watch as Yorktown continues to grow along with the new major museum being built there.  A well planned living museum could do massive  wonders for this community.  Gloucester does not lack historians with an incredible knowledge of this area's history by any means.  Warren Deal and the entire team that put together the Battle of the Hook event back in October did one of the most spectacular jobs anyone could ever begin to imagine.  The educational value would also be a incredible blessing.  We would happily donate all we could to the concept.  If Gloucester is to grow into the future, our leaders need to start looking at what is needed to make that happen in a well structured way that will benefit the community.  Are we to just sit on our history and let it rot never to take advantage of its opportunities?

  If we wait for some company to come in and take advantage of our history, well we have already been doing that and it has gotten us nowhere.  It's time to be proactive.  A new and properly planned living museum could bring in some very much needed tourist dollars and also enhance area education.  It's a win win situation.  In fact, it's Revolutionary.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Battle of the Hook, 2013 Now Over 1,800 Images Up Online

We now have over 1,800 images up online from the 2013 Battle of the Hook event.  That means we have finally managed to put a dent in our overall collection of images we shot at this event.  Our team was at the event for 3 days starting on Friday evening and didn't finish up until late Sunday afternoon.  We still do not have a final count on how many images we shot.  We had numerous cameras all over and the team was spread out everywhere.

  We have one of the most unique image sets out there as we shot in everything from straight on traditional pictures to panoramic views in various sizes.  Our team was not only at the battlefields we were also in the camps, up close and personal.  What we can say is that we are not even close to half way done with all of the images we have.  To date we have put the majority of finished images from the collection up on Flickr.  We have also shared the images through Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter and we just put up over 700 images on Google+ .

  Not to take anything away from other media outlets, we have seen some truly spectacular images coming from a number of places.  The Daily Press put up a tiny series that has some wonderful photos in it.  Minimeridith is the name of this particular collection, by Meridith of website.  She has a really nice collection of images taken at the battle of the Hook that are well worth your time to check out.  A number of great photos and further information about the Battle of the Hook and it's history is well documented on this Facebook page.  Another great place to check out photos.  These however are from the 2008 event but still worth the time to check out.

We will keep everyone up to date as we continue to put out more images.  It's going to take us several months to finish everything.  We still have not even finished our collection from Friday evening of the event.  Our initial count was around 5,000 images, however, we now know that it is closer to 8,000 images total at this point.  This set on Flickr has 1,575 images to it.  Some are duplicates.  We try not to do this, but with all the images we are working with, it's hard not to.  294 images starting with Friday evening showing set up for the event as well as the battlefield before troops hit it on Saturday.
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Battle of the Hook, 2013 Canons Firing Photo Images

Some photos from the Battle of the Hook.  A short series of cannons being fired at the event.  These are pictures taken of each canon firing in a series of 4 canons.  We just didn't post them up here in their proper sequence.  We hope you can forgive us for this oversight.  We have now posted hundreds of photos online already with sites like Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest.  Plus we have about 6 or 7 videos online at YouTube.  We have already posted a few of them on here.  More to come.  We have thousands of images we are still working on.

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