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110 MPG + 200 MPG Technologies = Oil Company Nightmares

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Douglas Pelmear, the owner and chief engineer of HP2g in Ohio has announced that he will be forced to close down his operations due to the lack of funding and interest. Douglas has appeared on the NBC’s Morning Show and was subsequently invited to the White House Auto Show. Douglas Pelmear has managed to squeeze 110 miles per gallon out of an E85 V8 Hybrid Mustang. Yup you heard it right, 110 mpg and still no banks will touch him. Even after presenting what he had to the US Department of Energy during an auto show that was supposed to be for bringing to the front technologies that could solve our average horrible fuel economy, Douglas still hasn't received a grant.

You see, the biggest hurdle for an inventor is money. This hurdle gets taller when you refuse to sell out your rights to potential investors. Investors, being money grubbing and greed stricken, have no interest in giving a cent to an inventor who will not hand over their rights in return. Either that or Douglas is asking the wrong investors.
Douglas’s technology utilizes variable cylinder displacement in a standard or hybrid automobile engine. To keep it simple, by skipping a firing cycle in a piston every other fire, you effectively cut fuel consumption in half for each cylinder with the skipped cycle. When the power is needed, then the computer senses it and quits skipping every other fire cycle and gives you your raw power back. The computer system can manipulate the firing cycle of all 8 pistons. When a piston firing cycle is skipped; the computer shuts off that injector for one cycle. The piston/chamber is still smoking hot from the previous fire and the fresh air that gets sucked in gets compressed and heated with a subsequent expansion or half expansion of that cylinder. Utilizing this idea on a hybrid car design, Douglas has taken a V-8 mustang 5.0 and made it consistently run 110 miles per gallon on E85 ethanol. Douglas’s designed a 4.8L V-8 motor that ranges from 400 horsepower all the way down to 15 horsepower. When cruising down the highway at 65 mph and there is a lower but steady load on the engine, the computer starts cycling through cylinders and skipping them one by one. 
Now wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to drive a 400 horsepower V-8 car around and still be able to get over 100 mpg when you wanted to? I think everyone would. Well everyone except for those who have never looked at the fuel price when they are filling up their $60k sports-car. Here in lies the problem. Only the people who are suffering and forking out half their income to pay for the gas to get to work are concerned about fuel economy. Sure, politicians and the business elite will spout all day long about how they want to lower the cost of transportation, but that’s just  politics. They say it for your vote. When it comes to putting our tax dollars where their mouth was during their elections; you get a whiff of reality like Douglas Pelmear. In their view, why would you introduce a big change when you could profit from millions of little changes? 
Someone with a large pocketbook and who is sincere about freeing the world from the bonds of oil needs to hook Douglas up. 
Mr. Douglas Pelmear
2611 N. Scott St.
Napoleon OH 43545
Energy Technology Company w/ 110mpg Hybrid V8 Engine.  

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We sent this company an update on how in our opinion they can improve on 110 MPG.  We did a story some months back on getting over 200 MPG on gas.  
This is the link back to our own story.  Combine these two technologies and you change the ballgame forever.  Let's look at it this way.  If you are getting over 300 miles per gallon on gas, would you care that a gallon of gas costs $15.00 per gallon?  Of course not.  However, $5.00 per gallon at your present MPG fuel economy really hurts, a lot.  How much business would the oil companies lose if all of a sudden sales dropped to less than one fourth of what they are right now?
What would that also do for all other prices on everything?  Drive them all way down.  Does anyone really think that businesses want this?  Most would not.  Not in their best interest.  For small businesses, they are the ones who would love to see this, but not the major corporations.  This is also why we do not believe in green technologies.  Most so called green technologies are more costly and use more energy than they save.  Many are deadly as well.  Take the new fluorescent light bulbs, they contain deadly mercury.  Break one and you have an environmental nightmare clean up even in your own home.  How often is this being done?  It's not.  Retail stores usually do not handle these cleanups properly and risk everyone's health that walks into the stores that sell CFL's.  They also risk the health of all their employees.  Clean up recommendations link in case you do not believe us.  Detailed cleanup information link.  EPA health hazards not addressed on these sites other than to say they exist.  EPA recommendations about mercury.  Recycled plastic costs more and uses more energy for production than virgin plastics, same with paper, wood, metal and glass.  Recycle why?  It's mostly being exported to China to be reprocessed into new cheap products because China lacks raw materials to produce anything.  Then you get to buy your own garbage back only to throw it away again.   It's a great plan for those who benefit from it.  Look, Dad's old stinky shoes have been turned into a new computer.  (If the shoes contain plastic, it's feasible.  Used plastic is sent to China to be converted into resins to produce new plastics.  The plastic housing of your laptop could very well be from Dad's old stinky shoes or your old toothbrush).

  Viva the green revolution.  It's for those who can not think for themselves. 
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