Saturday, November 16, 2013

Governor McDonnell Encourages Virginians to Donate to Philippines Recovery Effort

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English: Governor of Virginia at CPAC in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
RICHMOND - Governor Bob McDonnell today urged Virginians to join in the effort to help the people of the Philippines as they recover from devastating Typhoon Haiyan. The storm has left thousands dead, and the Philippine government has reported that some 2 million residents are now in need of aid.

Speaking about the storm and its aftermath, Governor McDonnell noted, “The people of the Philippines need our help in the wake of this horrific typhoon. As we watch the saddening news reports come in, I know many are wondering how to help the millions who are suffering. Today I’m encouraging my fellow Virginians to donate funds to the Philippine Red Cross, the American Red Cross, or UNICEF so those three organizations can continue providing the food, medicine, and relief that is so desperately needed in the region. Virginia is home to a large Filipino-American population that has done so much to contribute to the prosperity and greatness of our Commonwealth. Now, the people of the Philippines need our help as they recover from deadly and tragic Typhoon Haiyan. Americans are a giving and caring people. We are at our best when times are at their worst. Now, I hope Virginians will once again show their generosity and empathy and join in this relief effort. Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with our friends in the Philippines.”

There are many aid organizations working in storm-recovery efforts. Three of the biggest are the Philippine Red Cross, the American Red Cross, and UNICEF. Virginians can donate to the organizations by visiting their web sites, which are listed below.

Philippine Red Cross:

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