Friday, November 15, 2013

Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors Meeting Video Nov. 2013

We are running late putting up a copy of this video as we took the week off for meetings and some rather deep investigations.  This particular BoS meeting is rather short compared to many in the past.  It has it's laughs however.  Twitching Ted, (I'm not an attorney), Wilmot, court jester was allowed to speak in this meeting.  Of course he was presenting a new ordinance that seems to be in clear violations of the Dillon rule, hence state code, so even though he has learned to control his hands better than in the past, his facial twitches and deep swallows were still evident that he was less than comfortable with his presentation of the ordinance choices he drafted.  As we keep saying, if you have to go up against an attorney, this is the guy you want to go up against.  You can easily read him like a book.   Sorry Ted, you are still not ready for the prime time players.

The laughing jester // Art museum of Sweden, S...
The laughing jester // Art museum of Sweden, Stockholm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 You can also catch a good laugh as both Hutson and Theberge try to force the private chambers for the judge's personal cars down the taxpayers throats.  Kudos to Chrisco for not allowing it and forcing it over to CPI where it belongs.

  The big question we still have is why is this board trying to go out with passing yet further ordinances that in every way appear as such blatant violations to state code?  Are they trying to go out with maximum damage to the taxpayers?  Be sure to thank them for all the money they have taken out of your pocket for years to come.  If we continue to see this kind of garbage, Gloucester will get renamed Tumbleweed county as everyone flocks to leave because of the ridiculous taxes and lack of return on investments from those higher taxes.

In our opinion, Gloucester is still a prefered place to live on our list with only a handful of places throughout the state that also include a few minor hidden sections around Williamsburg, James City County and York County and maybe a few choice areas around Charles City county and New Kent County, otherwise the rest of the state has fun places to play, but not to live.  The rest of the list for us is short on a national level and only includes minor selections in PA, Florida and Georgia.  Everywhere else we have been are just not our cup of tea.  Sure there are a lot of great places throughout the nation to play in, but living there, no thanks.

  Gloucester has key amenities in place in select sections of the county and is sustainable for a gated bedroom community.  It is not self sustaining and if it were made to be self sustaining, then it would be lost as a prefered location as it would become overpopulated with numerous undesirable elements.  Is anyone looking for an extension of Newport News here or Williamsburg for that matter?

  Controlled growth is needed, but it must be smart and not at tremendous costs to the taxpayers and for the benefit of the few within the county.  The county right now is very blessed with tremendous talent.  A talent that needs to be taken advantage of for the good of the county overall and not abused by the county.  It is our sincere hope that the new Board of Supervisors will be bringing the proper mix of talent and dedication to clean up the mess that is being left to them and that the present board members follow the new lead coming in.  We are also hoping that the new board members resist the Rotary club indoctrinations as well, but there is no way to know that right off.  Time will tell.
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