Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yorktown Victory Center, Construction Views, (Part 3)

We received some of the inside construction pictures to allow everyone to see what is presently going on at the Yorktown Victory Center and how the new museum is progressing.  Pictures are courtesy of the Jamestown/Yorktown Foundation.  The above picture is of the finishing of the center basement slab of the upcoming American Revolution Museum.

This picture is the south elevation.

Here we have the installation of the basement concrete masonry looking west.  Starts to put the entire project into perspective as to just how big this museum is going to be.

Here is the foundations of the north elevations.  This is the section closest to the entrance into the present living museum.  

  The Yorktown Victory Center is open everyday with the exception of Christmas Day.  Yes they will be open for Thanksgiving and have a very special day planned for Thanksgiving where they will be demonstrating the collection of food from the farm and food preparations of the period.  

  Average length of a tour is about 2 and half hours.  Now of course that is just an average and is dependent on one's level of interest.  A history buff could spend and entire day here and still want more.  The indoor museum which we are not able to show pictures of, because indoor photography is not permitted, could easily take up half your day.  But allow us to clue you in.  If you have ever been to Disney, the level of displays are easily comparable.  It's the best of both worlds.  Living history and traditional museum history and an incredible movie theater showing even more.

  It's a great way to step back in time and immerse yourself into the 18th century period.  To see what our forefathers fought for and why.  What the struggles of life were really like.  Put your cell phone away while you are here.  You do not want modern distractions to spoil the experience.  

  Yorktown offers incredible history and it is found throughout a number of streets in the historic area.  But the best is found right here at the Yorktown Victory Center, soon to be the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.  

  Oh and let's not forget what we are expecting of the new structure.  It's going to be an 80,000 square foot super center to be considered a nationally recognized facility with classrooms and event space.  Plus the farm and encampment areas will be expanded and an amphitheater will be added to the mix.

   Even though we are still a while away from the new American Revolution museum being completed, it's an amazing journey through time exploring the Yorktown Victory Center.  Put a trip through this place on your calendar as soon as you can.  You will be glad you did.  
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