Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gloucester, VA School Board, No Bid Contracts, Stopping Fraud (7 of 10)

Armand A. Fusco, Ed.D.

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Which contracts (construction, insurance, consultants, etc.) have been awarded 
without competitive bids? What process was used to award such contracts? Who received such contracts? What school official was given the responsibility to 
oversee the proper completion or implementation of each contract? Was any form of nepotism or favoritism involved? Were board policies followed? 
Background: No-bid contracts are another common source of abuse and 
fraud and, therefore, they need to be reviewed very carefully and forensically. 
Proposed Solution: The board’s finance subcommittee must be given full 
information about every no-bid contract, and they should authorize every such 
contract. The full board must then be informed of such contracts as part of 
each board meeting. 

It's time to stop the potential for corruption in our school system.  These policies must be introduced and enforced.  This is part 7 of 10.

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