Thursday, January 16, 2014


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Alex Jones and Gerald Celente predict a global shutdown in the 2nd half of 2014.  What this means to you, little to no access to your cash money you may have in any bank accounts.  Bitcoin begins to look more promising should this trend bear out.  One would need to get into Bitcoin before this trend actually hits however in order to have some degree of protection.  Bitcoin values are presently at $845.46 as of this post.  A substantial uptick from what we were reporting on last week.  A nice recovery on the Bitcoin market.  Expect a major rush and buy in on Bitcoin if the news continues to trend in world economic collapse.  Bitcoin values will soar and the opportunity to ride the wave up will not be realized to it's full potential.

  We are not real big on the other digital currencies trending out there such as litecoin or any of the others as we are with Bitcoin.  We see issues with all of the digital currencies as well as issue on freedom, however, we are facing those issues anyway with or without Bitcoin.  We will help everyone keep an eye out on world trends to help you determine how to cover yourself.

  Also, the above video has some very interesting news at the end.  Commercials galore on the above video which detract from the news, but, you have to pay for getting information out somehow.  Check out the information on what military personnel said about the potential for being deployed to Syria.  Watch the information, we are not going to spoil the surprise.
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