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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gloucester, VA 2nd Board of Supervisors Meeting, November 13th, 2014

Here is the video of the 2nd Board of Supervisors meeting for the month of November, 2014.  Approved was the re zoning for a new mixed use development of apartments, retail and other use structures.  It's my own opinion that anyone who buys or contracts land should be free to do what they want with it without having to bother with all this nonsense.  I do not see where the area needs this project, but it's the freedom to do what one pleases with their land.

  I am fully aware of arguments against this project and have made a few myself, however, its still an issue of freedom and liberty.  If the developer wants to overload the market for rentals and has not been paying attention to the market, that's his or their issue.  If the project goes belly up?  So what?  As long as it does not cost the tax payers anything, who cares?  As long as there is no corporate welfare being paid into the project, it matters not.

  Now if we take a close look at the market, we see that Gloucester continues to have businesses run from the county not into it.  We have lost 2 restaurants, one bank branch and yet another automotive repair shop.  What has come in to replace these lost businesses?  Nothing.  Part of the issue is all of the regulations the county wishes to impose in socialistic formats.  Socialism does not work.  If it did we would have business growth like never before seen.

  Now those restrictions?  Ignore them.  They are unenforceable anyway unless of course you wish to consent to them.  That's up to you.  Then you pay out the nose and suffer massive restrictions that can break your bank account in no time at all.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Gloucester, Virginia Board of Supervisors Work Session Meeting, October, 2014

Gloucester, Virginia Board of Supervisors meeting, October, 2014.  This is the second meeting of the month and is a work session meeting.

  The first guy up demands socialistic solutions to animal problems.  He expects government to solve everything.  He must think we are in Russia.  He completely ignores other animals such as raccoon's, squirrels and more as causing the same issues as cats.  It's NOT the government's place to solve everyone's problems.  This is the issue we suffer from today.  Everyone thinks it's the government's job to solve every problem and at the same time do NOT want higher taxes they just caused by their own expectations?  Really?  Who are you kidding?

  There are some decent suggestions that are made regarding what to do about the feral cat problems in Gloucester, but by the time you get to this in the video above, the entire board seems to forget about those suggestions.  It's a civil matter as there are no state codes covering such issues.  If you want state codes to cover these issues, then you have to get it done at the state level and realize it will cost everyone more money in taxes and take away more freedoms.

  We still need to go through the rest of the video to see what other issues exist as we are not at all pleased with the continuation of the FEMA mitigation crap that is costing everyone a fortune.  Agenda 21?  Looks like it.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Gloucester, VA School Board Meeting Video, September 9th, 2014

Gloucester, VA General News For September From The Town Crier And Job Listings

Winter Homeless Shelter Efforts Continuing: The Gloucester United Emergency Shelter Team is back in action and planning for the 2014-15 winter season! Last year's effort was a success with 30 homeless individuals spending at least one night in the GUEST program. Plans are to open a homeless day shelter close to the Gloucester Moose Lodge (6536 Moose Drive). To prepare the home for use, the following is needed: (1) volunteers to help with interior modifications; (2) volunteers (individuals, church members and civic organizations, etc.) to assist with staffing the facility during operational hours; (3) monetary donations always, always welcome and needed!  Call 804-803-1755 to help! 

Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society is currently seeking a part-time Bookkeeper (20 hours a week/flexible). Must have people and computer skills including QuickBooks and Excel. Send resume and salary requirements HERE.

Gloucester County: Subscribe to Gloucester Connection Employment Opportunities e-mail service and receive automatic notification of all new job vacancies as soon as they are announced. Be one of the first to know and never miss an opportunity! Available job opportunities have been posted to the Gloucester County employment website.

Featured County Jobs: Network VOIP Administrator and Specialty Instructor. For more information or to apply on-line visit:

Gloucester County Public Schools: Featured jobs include: Special Education Teacher for the Visually Impaired, Physical Therapist, Elementary School Principal, Language Arts Teacher and School Counselor. Please call 693-5300 for more information and visit the GCPS Human Resources Department website.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014


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Alex Jones and Gerald Celente predict a global shutdown in the 2nd half of 2014.  What this means to you, little to no access to your cash money you may have in any bank accounts.  Bitcoin begins to look more promising should this trend bear out.  One would need to get into Bitcoin before this trend actually hits however in order to have some degree of protection.  Bitcoin values are presently at $845.46 as of this post.  A substantial uptick from what we were reporting on last week.  A nice recovery on the Bitcoin market.  Expect a major rush and buy in on Bitcoin if the news continues to trend in world economic collapse.  Bitcoin values will soar and the opportunity to ride the wave up will not be realized to it's full potential.

  We are not real big on the other digital currencies trending out there such as litecoin or any of the others as we are with Bitcoin.  We see issues with all of the digital currencies as well as issue on freedom, however, we are facing those issues anyway with or without Bitcoin.  We will help everyone keep an eye out on world trends to help you determine how to cover yourself.

  Also, the above video has some very interesting news at the end.  Commercials galore on the above video which detract from the news, but, you have to pay for getting information out somehow.  Check out the information on what military personnel said about the potential for being deployed to Syria.  Watch the information, we are not going to spoil the surprise.
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