Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gloucester County School Board allows illegal use of government vehicles?

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia

The Virginia Constitution was written for us to limit the government intrusion into our lives.  Have you ever read the Constitution of the United States?  How about the Constitution of Virginia? How about the County Code?

"The Land of the Life Worth Living" for everyone in the county.

I read with great interest The Kiser’s email to Mr. Thompson.  How is it The Kiser's understanding of State Code, County Ordinance, and School Board Policy is so different than that of a reasonable person?  Does The Kiser believe the school system does not have to live to the same rules as the rest of us?  Is his education deficient?  The employee in question has been seen numerous days, after the start of the business day going to McD and 7-11.  Not a midday meal, but clock in the morning and then go out to eat.  How do I get a position like this?  If it's not a job but a position (paid not to work but to eat)!  Does the employee also have an expense account that he charges the meals as a government expense?  Maybe The Kiser can explain how it saves county money for employees to come to work and go out to eat breakfast while on the clock in a government vehicle?  Maybe the employee could eat before going to work like the rest of us have to do?  Maybe the employee using the vehicle to go out to eat rather than work is the reason the vehicle is high mileage?  It definitely save's personal time but not sure of government time?  Is the efficiency created by the planning Director of facilities to schedule around meal breaks?  Based on Mr. Thompson’s observations it is occasionally that the van is not seen stopping for food in the morning?

Does this explain why the Gloucester School System is in the bad shape it is in?  Not able to meet Virginia Standards and losing accreditation?  The Kiser does not understand the requirements? Or he marches to his own rules?

Maybe The Kiser should be fired for failing to meet his oath of office and not allowed to retire this summer?  If the School Board is allowing this to continue maybe they need to be removed for failing to meet their oath of office?

Based on stories on Mr. Thompson’s Blog and this email the county will be a lot better off without The Kiser.  

Gloucester County Board of Supervisors: you are looking to reduce costs and scale back the budget.  I think you should take a look at the School Board Budget since they do not seem to care if employees use vehicles for personal use.

Bring back the rule of legal laws and responsible budgets and make this "The Land of the Life Worth Living" for everyone in the county.

I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.  Our founding fathers used common sense and Christian scripture when establishing our founding documents. 

“For the Common Good. “

Alexander James Jay

P.S"The good Education of Youth has been esteemed by wise Men in all Ages, as the surest Foundation of the Happiness both of private Families and of Common-wealths. Almost all Governments have therefore made it a principal Object of their Attention, to establish and endow with proper Revenues, such Seminaries of Learning, as might supply the succeeding Age with Men qualified to serve the Publick with Honour to themselves, and to their Country."
--Benjamin Franklin, Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pensilvania, 1749

"A Constitution is not the act of a Government, but of a people constituting a government, and a government without a constitution is a power without right."

Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791
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