Monday, January 20, 2014

China's January 2014 Massive Bubble Burst Already Scheduled For Default?

The China Bubble is about to burst and we have a date of January 31st, 2014.  The start in an international downturn that will affect the entire globe.

  Start your research with the link below.

The fed is about to raise interest rates which will go up even higher once the Chinese bubble bursts.  If you are in the stock market in any form, it's time to get out and that time is now.  This week.  Do not wait.  Even mutual funds are at major risk.  Increased interest rates will shock the stock market which will start it's downward trend and this time just when you think you have seen bottom, you have not seen anything yet.

  We are calling for the big burst this time.  Get your holdings in nearly every investment out now.  The dollar is going to plunge as is the rest of the world's currency will so currency holdings will have no hedge.  Bond funds will not save anyone this time either.  They are going to plummet as well as no one will have the money to pay the payments.

  Real estate is also no haven.  We are on the verge of another Real Estate burst that will start in California this year and the effects will be nationwide.  So if you are flipping houses, stop and get out now or you too will be upside down in no time flat no matter how good that deal may have been.

  Cash holdings will be better than stock or bond holdings but with the dollar about to be seriously devalued, it's still a bad bet but better than the stock crashes everyone else will have to put up with.

  Where do you put your money?  For the short term, we see two places as being sound bets.  E-gold and Bitcoins.  Bitcoins are worrisome to us as there is no market history in this type of scenario we are about to go through.  What we do like is the fact that Bitcoin is decentralized and therefore can not be controlled by any government.  That is what makes it more sound than any other investment.  It does not mean that it will not suffer being devalued the same as all other currencies, but we do not see that happening.

  E-Gold is a sound short term bet for the preservation of capital until it gets outlawed.  What, you don't think that time is coming?  Better look at your history.  There is also the concern of fraud charges that may come up in the future with some of the brokerage houses on e-gold.  (How else do you take down those types of exchanges?)

  Looking at E-Gold holdings at this present time is not so hot.  The requirements to hold an account and it's accounting fees are starting to go up.  The future of grabbing a percentage of personal holdings for whatever reason are becoming a serious liability.  Bitcoin is looking to be a safer bet each day.  It's not privacy that we are concerned about here.  It's the ability of governments to confiscate assets for any reason they may feel like is what we are concerned about here.  E-Gold is presently being put under the confiscation grab ability, yet Bitcoin is not subject to these same conditions.

  Expect the New World Order to start stepping up with solutions that will not work, but you will be told that their solutions are the only ones available and that they will work.  Don't bet on it.  
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