Monday, January 20, 2014

Europe Goes Orange And Scraps Green Initiatives

Europe is going orange and scrapping green initiatives.  We said it before and we will say it again, none of it ever made any sense unless of course you are purposely trying to raise costs.

  See the link below for the entire story.

  There is no possible way that we can create substantial damage to the climate based on burning fuels.  Now we can make local air difficult to breathe while burning toxins, but complete climate change?  A volcano does more in one eruption to the overall climate than every person on the planet can do in 100 years of modern living.  So exactly how are we contributing to climate change?  We are not.  We are being sold a bill that causes the prices of everything to constantly go up from what we see.  The real climate change that industry is probably guilty of?  Water pollution.  That is where our biggest issues are.  And who gets to foot the bill for the cleanup?  That's right, you do.  They create the pollution but you are to blame and therefore it's your expense to have to pay for the cleanup of the mess they make.

  Ya gotta love how these plans are put into place.
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