Monday, January 20, 2014

This Tiny Sliver Has HUGE Implications For How The World Works

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Our last post was the so called conservative spin on the news and here is the liberal spin on recent news.  Frankly we do not buy the studies on climate change and the information being reported here.  The Young Turks are a liberal news media outlet that is off the main stream.  Again, we do not always disagree with what they talk about, but we also do not buy into a lot of their disinformation.

  We polled 9,000 scientists where 99.9 percent said they did not believe that climate change is man made.  So where is the evidence of the Young Turks to show that their statistics are correct?  For that matter, where are ours?  We don't have any.  Why not?  We didn't conduct a poll.  We are just telling you we did.  So are they.  They are just telling you that someone conducted some poll.  Where is the evidence of the poll?  It's spin.  Anarchistic spin with no real meat.

  So where is the news story then?  It's man made so no reason to worry about it.  It's as clear as the evidence that climate change is caused by man.  Junk science and junk news.  Ya gotta love these people.   Oh yeah, 75 percent of Americans do not believe in man made climate change.  Where do they get that 60 percent do?  Again we made up our numbers to show that they are not providing any verifiable facts on their numbers.
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