Monday, January 20, 2014

Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense Show - January 9, 2014 - Video News

Embedding is disabled for this video but we found a backdoor to get it up on here.

We happen to like Gerald Celente so we bring you whatever we can to keep everyone up to date on economic affairs.  The first 3 minutes is mostly music but it becomes apparent fast that they have a meaning for it.

  Not sure if we fully agree with them on the arguments that cover grace and style.  They fail to cover areas like classical music, symphonies that are all around the nation and play a lot of free public concerts that fill entire areas during those free concerts.  Reenactments that do convey old fashioned style and flair.

  Now of course the days we live in are different than they were in the past, but what they fail to look at is that what they are talking about was viewed as out of control by their elders.  Rock music is lacking in many areas, it is also very forward in other areas.  Classical Operetta Rock is pretty amazing stuff that these guys fail to look at.

  Later these guys get into the new police state we are in and the NSA has made that statement official for the United States.  It's towards the end that the economic news for the world is discussed.  Nuclear Fallout Warnings you do not hear about anywhere else is reported here because of Japan's nuclear power plant meltdown, but Homer finds a doughnut.    
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