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Gerald Celente - Alex Jones Show - February 12, 2014

Alex Jones, Welsh television presenter
Alex Jones, Welsh television presenter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They've Created Total Mental Illness, Everyone Afraid of Everything. The government keeps coming out with one lie after another- and the public keeps buying in! Take for example, the recent "off microphone" statement by Obama. Have we really been so dumbed down that we are totally shortsighted? Or is it something more than that? Gerald and Alex discuss these topics here.

Our Notes:  Fluoride Shield?  Really?  And you expect us to believe that works?  Alex Jones, the guy who when you trace the money goes all the way back up to Fox News. Fema and Homeland Security?  Really?  Why does Gerald Celente Bother with this guy?  And it's not that we are not speaking up, it's just some of the stuff you guys are spinning is a joke.  Look at that Obama clip again.  I don't have to like the guy to know that what he said and the context he said it in was not an issue to be worried about or create any kind of fuse over.

Trends Forecaster: Proof the Markets are Rigged. At least five top level bankers have "fallen" to their deaths from high-rises in just the last two weeks. Are the worlds Stock Markets, Currency Exchanges and Interest Rates all rigged? Gerald Celente brings the facts from the news to the table.

Our Notes:  Gerald Celente never answers the real question posed nor should he have regarding speculation of the deaths of the Bankers.  Good for him.  Alex Jones.  Made in America?  Is that Canada or Mexico?  Both are considered America.  How about MADE IN THE USA there dude.  Opps, can't do that now can we?  How about printed in America on Chinese manufactured goods?  (That's printed in Mexico on top of Chinese manufactured goods)  Gotta support good old Alex now don't we?  Really?  Nah.

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