Friday, February 14, 2014

Gloucester, VA Fiscal, 2013, Year Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Gloucester, VA, Fy 2013 comprehensive annual financial report from Chuck Thompson

This is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report from Gloucester County, Virginia local government.  All the details you want to know about how the county spends your money.  If we are correct in what we are seeing, we have a county debt as follows:

Long term obligations begins on page 54 PDF Doc 74.

total bonds $40 million
enterprise $22 million
capital leases $16 million
new bonds $18 million

total $96 million
Local Population:  37, 272 approx.
$2,575.66 per man, woman and child now owed for local debts that are above and beyond the local yearly budget and do not include interest payments on that debt.  Welcome to Gloucester.  Please pay before you leave or when entering.

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