Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gloucester, VA Officials Flawed Study That Raised Your Taxes

Are the taxes of Gloucester, VA residents artificially higher than they should be?  Are studies being manipulated to cause undue burdens of the local citizenry?  If so, what are those studies?  Can anything be done to correct these issues?

  What if we were to show you documentation that shows what looks to us like very serious flaws to down and outright abuse designed for the purpose of Gloucester County officials justifying their pay raises in the county as well as those of their friends within other departments of the county?  What if these studies were purposely padded to raise compensation for county staff to levels beyond what they should be getting paid and also justify continuing pay increases in a time when so many have not seen an increase in wages in years now?

  How many of you have gotten pay raises in the past several years?  Are you making more money now than you were before?  The answer to this question by the majority of people in Gloucester is that, no, they are not making more and they are not seeing pay raises or the pay raises are so tiny as not to even qualify for calling them a pay raise.

  What we are about to show you is the study that Gloucester officials commissioned, at taxpayer expense, to justify pay raises for certain county employees that is now paying employees at levels designed for city workers in large metropolitan areas.  How do we justify that claim?  It's in the report below.

Class and Comp Study Gloucester County, Virginia from Chuck Thompson

We want to draw your attention to page 8 which is chapter 2, Summary of Employee Outreach.  There is where you see what areas of the state were used to do the study comparisons.

James City County
City of Williamsburg
York County
City of Newport News
New Kent County
Mathews County
City of Fairfax
Fairfax County
College of William & Mary
Chesterfield County
Henrico County
City of Richmond
City of Poquoson
King William County

The above is the list straight out of this report.  Areas with much larger populations, budgets, industries and tax bases with which to draw upon.  How can a county such as Gloucester, with limited industry, low comparative tax base and a population just at around 37,200, justify being compared to the above list?

We can make a study say anything a client wants it to say.  Just tell us what end results you want to see and we can easily manipulate the information to read just that.  Is this what Evergreen did for Gloucester County officials to justify major pay increases for themselves at taxpayer expense?  The report is right here.  You be the judge.   
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