Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gloucester, VA BoS Meeting, April 15th, 2014 With Newsletter

Once again, members from the local school come before the Board of Supervisors whining about money and for some very strange reason, these people think that money comes from thin air and has no limitations.  If the school board is this concerned about money, let them print their own and see how many school employees as well as service companies and corporations would be willing to accept that.  After all, it comes from thin air, so make your own.

The York District Herald 2014- Issue No 6 from Chuck Thompson

My recent issue of the Newsletter incorrectly identified the wrong person as being the Chair of the School Board.  The Chair of the School Board is Mr. George Burak.  He can be reached at

Latest newsletter from Phillip Bazzani, Gloucester Board of Supervisors.   The recent GMGJ newspaper covered the story about Kim Hensley throwing a hissy fit about outsourcing services in an effort to save money that was presented as a suggestion through a presentation created by Mr Bazzani.  We have posted that presentation here on this site and showed the video of her hissy fit.

  It is clear that the school board is not open to suggestions on how they throw money around.  They clearly want all the money they can get their hands on and want to be free to spend it anywhere in anyway they see fit even when it does nothing for the teachers and students of this county.  Watch the videos for yourself and look at what these people are preaching.  It's totally irresponsible.  And the sad part is, they are filtering it down to our youth.  And you wonder why little Johnny and little Becky are having so many issues?  Look at those leading the charge?  They are not hiding anything, but most people will not take the time to see what is being presented by the school board or what they are arguing.  It is completely chaotic.     
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