Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Virginia Congressman Rob Wittman's Weekly Address, April 15th, 2014

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Although Mother Nature has not quite decided, the calendar tells us spring is here. We welcome the hope of warmer weather, a chance to put away those winter coats, and plan a trip to the park with the children or grandchildren. And as the season changes to warm, welcoming weather, along comes a day and topic that, to some, may not be so welcoming: Tax Day.

Every year, April brings the deadline to file your tax return. Many Virginians have completed their paperwork and sent off a check to the federal government. But do you question where your money is allocated? Do you wonder if the IRS is being fair and impartial to each taxpayer? Do you believe that Washington spends your money wisely and with prudence?

Like many Americans, I believe government spending is out-of-control. We have lost faith in institutions such as the IRS as we listen to testimony of citizens citing solid proof of the targeting of certain groups based upon their beliefs. Like many Americans, I believe taxpayers deserve better, and they deserve a simpler, fairer tax code.  According to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, hard working taxpayers across Virginia worked from January 1, 2013 until April 20, 2013, to pay their share of taxes for the year before they began working for themselves. Some are struggling and sacrificing to provide for their families. We must encourage Washington to do better.

That’s why I support legislation to reform federal spending, such as the Balanced Budget Amendment, to ensure Washington doesn’t spend more than it brings in. I have cosponsored H.R. 1950, which would make it a crime for IRS employees to conduct targeted discrimination and would increase the maximum penalty for discriminatory misconduct against taxpayers from termination to criminal punishment. And I support the Fair Tax Act, which would repeal the income tax and employment tax, as well as the estate and gift tax, and replace them with a sales tax on goods and services purchased in the United States. The rate of this sales tax would be consistent across the country for every citizen.

Our nation was founded on the ideas of a representative government that works for its citizens. As I talk to folks across the First District, they support an efficient, fair government that does its job. With some hard work, I believe we can get there.
The main streets of Virginia’s First District are full of ideas to get our economy back on track, and your feedback is critically important to me as I serve you. I can be reached by telephone at (202) 225-4261, through my website (www.wittman.house.gov), on Facebook (www.facebook.com/reprobwittman), and via Twitter (www.twitter.com/robwittman).
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