Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gloucester, VA Readers Write In, The Missing R? April, 2014

The huge number of articles on your website about corruption of one form or another in Gloucester County inticed me to do a little looking myself.
While reasearching some of the players who appeaer to be involved in some of the questionable occurances within Gloucester government I ran across a development company named HARC,llc.  I have determined each letter in the name HARC stands for a specific person.  H is for Ellis Hall, A is for Walter Alford, C is for Harry Corr and R is for………HaHa!!  We will divulge who the R player is along with the other interesting info very soon.  Looks like we Gotcha silent R!!
More later, 

Our Notes:  We never know what is going to come in or to what level of interest information may be.  This has our curiosity.  This was the entire message as it was sent to us.  Based on our own work, the only name we can come up with to fill that R, in our own best guess is Charles Records.  It's not to say that this is who it is.  But why else would this have been sent to us?  No other name sticks out that ends with an R.  We know who the others are, but not the R.  Interesting.  We can't wait to find out the rest of the story here.
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