Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors Meeting, April, 2014

If you have missed the meeting and any subsequent re broadcasts and if you can not find these videos on the county website, here it is for you again.  We continue to see members of the local school come before the board of supervisors, just about demanding money, that is neither the property of the school board nor the board of supervisors.  It belongs to "WE THE TAXPAYERS", and the school board seems to fail to get that message.  Instead they continue to hound the Board of Supervisors to death hoping that our representatives will cave to their unfair pressures.  This is a very sickening tactic.

  But maybe it's one that should be used on the school board asking them when they are going to step up and actually start teaching the children of this county and stop failing the children of this county with policies that are meaningless at best.  We keep hearing that it's for the children yet we see that it's more like for the few at the top who seem to treat it all like a private country club for themselves.
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