Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gloucester, VA School Board, Animal Control and Buying It Used Connections?

In the above picture we see a vehicle that is being used by a school board employee and it's parked at McDonald's in the Courthouse area.

License plate number so that there are no questions as to who has it.  This was early Tuesday morning, April 28th, 2014.   The employee, a female, parked at McDonald's and went inside.

About 25 minutes after seeing this same vehicle and employee at McDonald's, we see her car as we are driving down to the other end of the county.  We made a U-turn to see if in fact this was the same car.  It was.  This woman was in Buying It Used.  We do not know if she was just stopping to do some personal shopping or if she may have been conducting county business.

  Why this question is important.  Buying It Used, when they opened up, looked a lot like a Gloucester County school board outlet store.  We have found and reported with photo evidence that Buying It Used has sold Gloucester County School Board property in the past.  Why is this an issue?  Buying It Used is owned by a county employee who works for Animal Control here in Gloucester.  Some facts and issues that come to mind.  County excess and old goods must be either dis-guarded properly or sold via auction.  When goods are sold via auction, Gloucester County employees and their families are prohibited from purchasing any goods through auctions.  Most of the items found at Buying It Used come from local auctions but are not to say that they are from local government auctions.

  With the fact that Buying It Used has sold Gloucester County school board property in the past, it makes us wonder if the woman pictured above may have been doing a pickup for school board items that may have been sold through that store?  It's a question that we do not have an answer for and can only ask about.  Either way, what was she doing there that could possibly be considered school board business for either being at McDonald's or Buying It Used?

  And all of this on top of our last report showing all of the other county vehicles in places that are not being used for county purposes.
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