Friday, September 26, 2014

Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors &School Board Joint Meeting With Notes, Sept. 2014

Open letter to Gloucester County.

In the July and first September Board of Supervisors (BOS)  meeting I spoke during the citizen comment period and gave the BOS a list of things they need to do to make Gloucester County "The Land of the Life Worth Living."

Based on the grades on the two report cards I was told that I should provide you with ways to improve your grades. 

Before I do that I have to make a comment about the September 16th joint meeting.  Does anyone on the School Administrative staff have a degree of any kind?  The staff went into joint meeting with the Board of Supervisors totally unprepared.  I know I would not have any degree if I went into a test as unprepared as the School Board Staff was last night.  With the salaries we pay can’t we get someone with a degree or at least someone that knows why they are going to a meeting as employees?  If I was a member of the School Board I would be embarrassed.

I am going to look at the second item that I am grading the BOS with:  Hold Department Heads and Supervisors to high standards and get rid of them when they break the rules.  You cannot hold lower level employees to high standards if they are not practiced at the higher levels.

There were numerous examples provided in the two September meetings.

I will start with the meeting on the 16th.  The School Board staff did a great job of not having prepared anything in my opinion with a standard answer that we will get back with you later with an answer.  Do not have any more meetings with them if they do not come prepared as it's a total waste of your time.  If they do, tell them the meeting is over and that you will develop a budget for them without their input.  You give them about $10 million less than they want one year and maybe they will get the hint they need to provide open and honest communications with you.  I do not think it will happen a second time.

In my opinion the County Staff is equally lazy and predictable and like to talk in circles for several minutes without answering your questions hoping you will forget the question or answer they are not responsible.

First, tell them you want an executive summary answer, 20 words or less, and if you need more information you will ask another question again with a short answer.  I like what Mr. Meyer said about the flood document that it needed to be a pamphlet that anyone could read quickly and not a novel as it currently exist.  Hold the staff accountable and make them reduce the document to a size anyone can read and understand; we are not paying them by the pound.  What are they trying to hide?  If it is above the 6th – 8th grade reading level they are trying to hide something.  This is the level that most documents are written that are readily used by most of the population.  Above this level it is a coffee table book that is not read.

Second, when you have employees that tell you they are not responsible for what they are presenting to you?  Tell them it is with great sorrow that you accept their resignation effective immediately?  I think it was an ms ditzy that said that; I would have to go back to the agenda to get the persons actual name.  If they are responsible for preparing the document and tell you something like that then they are very much overpaid and need to leave.

Third, when they do this;  stop the speaker telling them they are done; then ask Ms. Garton to get someone qualified to make the presentation.

If you use these suggestions I do not think you will continue to have problems getting answers and employees giving you the required respect.

I am a tax payer and you need to be held accountable to “We the People”.

I have a voter registration card and know how to use it.
Respectfully submitted by

Wayne Crews
Gloucester Point District

P.S.  The school population is increasing because of the new superintendent? What has he done for us for him to make this kind of statement and can he provide proof he is responsible?  You have to go to the meetings or watch them on TV.  More entertaining than anything else on TV in the time slot.  I think the meeting made the top Nelson rating for the night in the time slot if not it should have.

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