Friday, September 12, 2014

Virginia Leaders Applaud Governor McAuliffe’s Bold Efforts to Expand Health Care Services to 200,000 Virginians

Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds (Democrati...
Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Governor McAuliffe launched A Healthy Virginiaa 10-step plan to expand health care services to over 200,000 Virginians. This plan is an unprecedented action by any governor in Virginia history and includes authorizations of four emergency regulations, one executive order, and innovative and creative solutions to expand healthcare to Virginia veterans, children, and families.

This plan has received praise from leaders across the Commonwealth:
Senator Don McEachin, Henrico:

“I commend Gov. McAuliffe for his plan to ensure that many more Virginians have access to quality, affordable health care. His plan makes crucial improvement to our broken status quo — changes that will help veterans, children, and families. The governor has given House Republicans a strong foundation on which to build when we reconvene. For months now, they have promised a plan. It is time for them to deliver.”

Senator Louise Lucas, Portsmouth:
“Today is a tremendous step forward in health care for Virginia communities. I want to thank and praise Governor McAuliffe for his continuous efforts to make this plan happen. Now hundreds of thousands of Virginians will become healthier and live more prosperous lives.”

Senator Creigh Deeds, Bath:

“Governor McAuliffe has taken bold steps forward in assuring that Virginians with mental illnesses are not forgotten. I commend the Governor in helping craft a solution that will address the needs of the mental health community and ensure that many Virginians have the help they need.

“I want to applaud Governor McAuliffe for his strong leadership and commitment to expanding access to healthcare to all Virginians. The steps he outlined today are bold moves that will help the lives of hundreds of thousands of our citizens. It is my sincere hope that now House Republicans will understand it is their responsibility to come to the table during the September 18th Special Session and actually find a pathway forward to close the coverage gap.”

Delegate Ken Plum, Fairfax:

“Governor McAuliffe has shown to Virginians that health care is a fundamental right through the A Healthy Virginia report presented today. His unwavering support to increase access for 200,000 of our Commonwealth’s residents is a testament to delivering on the promise he made when he took the oath of office back in January. The responsibility now falls in the hands of the General Assembly to put politics aside, and do what is right for those Virginians that are struggling every single day.”

Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn, Fairfax:

Governor McAuliffe has established himself as a leader when it comes to healthcare in the Commonwealth. I want to thank him for his efforts to put Virginia families first, and allowing thousands of individuals to have access to quality health care. This is a vital component to building a new Virginia economy and creating new jobs across the region.”
Delegate Sam Rasoul, Roanoke City:
"I am delighted to hear that the Governor has launched A Healthy Virginia. Here in Roanoke and throughout the Commonwealth, there are people who need better access to medical services. These innovative measures will be a tremendous help to our children, veterans, and families. By keeping all of our citizens healthy, we can stay on the pathway to a better Virginia."
Dana Schrad, Executive Director, Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police
“I would like to commend Governor McAuliffe for his commitment to making Virginia communities healthier and safer. The Governor's strong leadership on issues related to mental health and reducing deaths from prescription drug and heroin abuse are bold steps forward. We look forward to working with the Governor on making all Virginia communities better places to live and work.”

Doris Crouse-Mays, President, Virginia AFL-CIO

“Hundreds of thousands of Virginians will benefit from the Governor’s bold actions today. Now the General Assembly has an obligation to continue this important work so that every Virginian can reap the benefits of bringing our tax dollars home to keep people healthy, create jobs and build a new Virginia economy.”

Cianti Stewart-Reid, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia:
“Today the Governor continued to make good on his promise to do everything he can to get Virginians access to quality health care. This plan is an unprecedented step toward keeping our friends and neighbors healthy. I hope House Republicans will take this opportunity to come back to the table and build upon the Governor’s strong effort.”
Tram Nguyen, Co-Executive Director, Virginia New Majority:

“I commend Governor McAuliffe on putting a plan forward that will get hundreds of thousands of Virginians access to health care that they need. This is a tremendous step in the right direction, and I hope Republicans in the General Assembly will finally work in good faith to close the coverage gap.”

Brian Devine, Director of Online Programs, ProgressVA:

“I want to thank Governor McAuliffe for taking these vital steps forward to ensure that Virginians across the Commonwealth can get health coverage they need and deserve. It is time for House Republicans to step up to the plate for Virginia families, and bring our tax dollars home to benefit our neighbors and communities.”

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