Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gainsco Racing, Corvette Race Car As Seen In Gloucester, VA

Last Saturday this custom Corvette Race car was out in front of the Commonwealth Insurance Center by Food Lion in Hayes.

Specs;  Speed - In excess of 200 mph.  Average we were told is around 250 mph.  Engine.  305 Cubic Inch V8 5.5 liter at 600 horse power.  0-60 in 3 seconds.  Weight.  2,285 lbs.  Fuel, 19.81 gallons capacity.  The team uses 110 octane which is pretty much jet fuel.  100 % synthetic oils.  

Cool.  So what does one of these cost?  On it's lowest end?  Half a million baby.  Average?  One million US dollars.  Top end?  About 2 million.  This particular model was half a million with the engine that was in it.  It's the engine that makes all the difference on these machines.  The engine can easily add half a million to over a million to the cost.

Picture from inside the car looking through the windshield.  Yeah, we got to sit in this.

This is the dash board that the racer sees.

Steering wheel.  Not much inside.  

You have to love these doors.  Not your typical Corvette.

Yes, it's only a one seater.  We have more pictures of this car on both Google Plus as well as on Flickr.  

The above link should take you right to the Flickr site where these are at the top of the main board at this time.  We have 59 pictures total up for this vehicle there.  

The car was featured at the Commonwealth Insurance Company and the fine folks there were giving away free food, snacks and drinks while giving anyone interested free insurance quotes.  Now you have to love a business willing to go through so much trouble to prove to you they are worth your time.  If you get a chance, I am sure they would love to give you a free no obligation insurance quote to see if maybe you are presently paying more than you need to.

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