Saturday, October 18, 2014

Top 10 Businesses Killed By The Internet

Internet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And We Are Helping The Continued Destruction Of What Remains.  Why? Simple, we can do more faster and cheaper and when required, with much more depth.  Newspapers can't include the depth, the TV news can not include the depth, books are not capable of delivering multimedia.  Only on the Internet can you include audio, video and entire articles plus include full length books in a small area of a page.  Stories can be delivered instantly.  The Internet goes head to head with live TV and goes far beyond radio.

  We deliver articles, entire books, audio, video and radio right here and we also have coupons and software that we give away on other pages linked from this main site.  No other medium can deliver this.

  More businesses are now started on the Internet and less in the Brick and Mortar fashion.  Brick and Mortar will never die, but certain businesses have gone under with more to go under because of technology.  It makes life rather interesting.

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