Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gloucester, Virginia Animal Control Still Abusing The Taxpayers

For the past 6 weeks we have been reporting abuses to the taxpayers and the people of Gloucester, Virginia as Laura Dickie of Animal Control has been using a taxpayer owned county vehicle for personal use by going out to breakfast each morning while in uniform and therefore considered to be on duty getting paid for such.  

  We have no problems with people eating.  Everyone needs to eat.  What we have a problem with is the violation to county employment rules of conduct where employees are not to use county vehicles for personal use as well as state codes, federal laws and IRS codes that also state the same.  According to county employment rules, employees get a 15 minute break as well as a lunch break.  These do not include using taxpayer owned vehicles for personal use to go to the local restaurants, fast food places, quick stop markets, shopping centers and the like while on break or for lunch.  The employee rules are very clear on this.  

  What we also have an issue with is that Animal Control deputies are supposed to exhibit higher levels of conduct since they are charged with enforcing certain, yet restricted, legal ordinances or codes.  (Color of Law).  It becomes a serious issue of concern when you have someone who is supposed to exhibit these higher levels of conduct but instead keeps repeatedly violating these very simple basic rules.  How can we trust these people?  Or can we?  Below are some of the many pictures we have taken showing these violations to the taxpayers of Gloucester County, Virginia.  And this is minor on what goes on here.

And how much is this costing us all?  This woman is supposed to be setting an example?

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