Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gloucester, Virginia More Retaliation Against Us From Officials (Part One)

Gloucester County officials continue their retaliation against us for daring to challenge what we see as their illegal ordinances.  In November, while we were arguing 3-18 animal control ordinance, showing that it has no match in state code, they had one of the people in our group arrested for, well, we don't really know what.

For those of you who remember the front page of the newspaper, Glo Quips or the story we had in the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal, we argued about the legality of the ordinance 3-18.  We had 3-18 overturned and taken off the books, or so we thought, but to this day, the ordinance remains on the books of Gloucester County.  So it looks like officials have lied to us all yet again.


The above is one of the documents from Laura Fielder Crews who was arrested just after we left the Board of Supervisors meeting on November 5th, 2014.  To this day, none of us including Laura's attorney of record, understand these charges.  We understand the wording, but not the charges or why the charges are made.  They were made by Steve Baranek of Animal Control against LAURA FIELDER CREWS.  Who is LAURA FIELDER CREWS?  We know who Laura Fielder Crews is but have no idea who LAURA FIELDER CREWS is.  

  But that is still not the issue.  This is some sort of Grand Jury indictment.  So the information we are told can be withheld against the accused?  How does that work?  It's a complete violation of the American Justice System as it was laid out in the US Constitution.  (Yes, we know, the US Constitution no longer applies, or if properly argued, yes it does).  The US Constitution still applies to the people it just does not apply to legal fictions and some citizens.  

  We know this is in retaliation to all of the complaints we make on this site against Animal Control of Gloucester, Virginia.  This is what you can expect when you constantly speak out against what has all the appearance of corrupt government.  They figure out ways to put charges against someone within your organization and have them arrested as a warning.  Well we did not get that message to well.  

  The reason we have not been doing to much news on this site is because we have been doing a lot of research on the laws and what rights we the people actually have as well as what is really going on in the courts these days.

  Speaking of the courts, while we have been in the courts twice now because of this, we have seen first hand, that the courts here in Virginia, are run under Admiralty.  So we have quickly discovered that the 9th District Circuit Court is a court of Admiralty even though we are not at sea.  Two dead giveaways.  One, are the flags in the court.  They have gold Trim which are signs of Admiralty and also when the Bailiff was announcing the judge entering the chamber, he stated that the Judge is On Board.  That means you are in a court of Admiralty.

  You can not be charged in a court of Admiralty if you do not have some type of international contract that you are in fact a party to and also agreed to.  The courts do not want you to ever understand this however.  If you did know this, then you would also know how to get out of the charges against you.  So don't tell anyone about this.

  It's also why you do not have Constitutional rights in that court.  Admiralty is a court of the sea and the Constitution does not apply at sea.  Have we been duped?  Sure we have.  It's how they get over on you.  Time to put a stop to all of that now however.  Over the coming months we are going to show you ways to combat this corruption.

  This is only one tiny part of the overall battle.  There are a lot of parts to all of this and we are going to be covering a great deal of it.  We have to thank Animal Control for forcing us to learn all of this however.  And what we have learned will be able to help a great deal of people facing the courts in the future as well as in the present.  It has also shown us how to now turn everything against them.

  Watch for future stories as we show you the meaning of words used in the courts and in the Virginia courts.  These words do not mean what you think they mean.  Words such as person, individual, owner, all have meanings that are not at all what you think that they mean and we have the evidence for this.

  Now please keep in mind that we are not attorneys and can not give legal advice nor would we want to.  We prefer law to the legal system.  The legal system in our opinion is nothing but the color of law and has no real meaning.  It's a fiction.  A complete illusion that is corrupt and detrimental to the people.  It's why you never win in court.  You do not understand the rules they created.  Words you think mean one thing, mean something different than what you ever thought.  They are not speaking English as you understand it.  They also love to use confusion.

  What we keep reminding the officials of the county is that their employees are agents of them.  The actions of employees is no different than the actions of each one of them.  This is part one of a multi part story about how the county is retaliating against us for speaking out against what we see as continuing violations to our rights and freedoms.  The retaliation is our opinion of what is going on here, and if they can show evidence that it is not, we will be happy to share that information with everyone.  We have asked them that question already and they have refused to answer it.  What does that tell you.

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