Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gold Prices Moving Up

Gold Key, weighing one kilogram is used to acc...
Gold Key, weighing one kilogram is used to access a ten digit account number which is known only to the bearer of the Gold Key. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gold Price History - Karatbars from Chuck Thompson

Gold prices are trending upward ever so slowly but yet in a steady pace.  Above is the most recent ask and buy back prices per gram for each of its one gram gold cards from Karatbars.  Karatbars is a German company looking to make their gold cards a form of legal tender throughout the world.  Many networks are already in place for accepting exchanges on these gold cards and anyone with a brick and mortar store front can accept them now in any country that wants to.  One just needs to setup a free account and fill in all the questions online for approval.

  What is interesting to note is that gold has not changed its value throughout history.  Its money that has devalued creating the illusion of gold increasing in value against dollars and other currencies and forms of exchange.  What truly makes gold an exchange of value?  Nothing beyond the fact that it does not break down like other metals.  Steel will corrode.  Iron corrodes.  Copper will eventually disintegrate.  Brass eventually disintegrates.  Silver, gold and platinum do not disintegrate.  This is why they were picked for mediums of exchange.

  Initially gold was used more as ornamentation and decorative purposes and had no other value beyond that.  Technically speaking lead is worth more per ounce than gold depending on what it is used for.  Lead being more readily available than gold, it makes for creating great bullets to form a defense.  Who is going to use gold bullets for defense?  Who in their right mind will throw gold at a thief as a form of defense?  The thief will want to know how much more gold you have.  Send one lead bullet his way and see how long he will stay around to see how much more lead you have.

  If the world goes to hell tomorrow I want lead bullets not gold.  Who has a gold bomb?  Again, gold's only value is in its ability to not corrode or disintegrate into nothing.  There is where the only true value of gold exists.  Why people want to own gold and silver.  They are well proven mediums of exchange because the monetary value does not disintegrate into dust over time.  If you are interested in more information on gold ownership you can go to our righthand sidebar and click the link for Karatbars.  You can sign up for a free account through our link and also sign up to accept karatbars in your business if you so wish.  You can own the actual cards and keep them with you or you can maintain free storage in their place of origin in Germany if you want.   Paper money continues to devalue while gold maintains its value.  You decide what makes more sense.  

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