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Monday, November 11, 2019

Violet's Rant: When The Entitlement Pot Runs Dry

With all of this confusion on "free stuff" versus "working for it", I feel compelled to speak. Yes, I know.... I throw out my opinions a lot and I have to say.....I doubt it will stop, at least not anytime soon anyways.  It's just me, it's just who I am. So bare with me.....this rants been a long time coming. When my oldest daughter was about four years old, we took her to Chuck E. Cheese's for a night out. For those of you who don't know what that was and still is a place where children were entertained with mechanically controlled dancing and talking stuffed creatures. It also offers various different types of games and entertainment for kids. 
Well, we arrived a little after dark, most likely on a weekend since dad worked the night shift. The place was pretty packed. We struggled through the crowd to find a seat and as we were doing so, my daughter looked up at me and said, " Look what I found, Mom." 
She opened her tiny hands and there she held two one hundred dollar bills! Well, my first thought was to look around and see if anyone was walking around looking for it, then I asked several of the workers if they had had anyone come to them saying they'd missed anything. After waiting a good while, we decided no one was looking for it. 
Now, the question was....what do we do with it? My daughter felt it was hers and rightfully so but as a parent you don't realistically hand a four year old two hundred dollars and tell her to go play, now do you? So, I decided to go get the tokens required to have in order to play the games and came back to the table. Offering her just the two dollar bills she had found or the 20 tokens I had just gotten from the machine. Well, her mindset at her young age was..... "more is better". Yet, you and I both know in this case, more was much less. Yet, not in the eyes of someone who had not yet been educated on the value of a dollar. Yes, she was perfectly pleased with $5.00 worth of tokens.
With that being said, it brings me to today's wonderful world of free stuff. 
Many people today, like the idea of free. I get it, times are hard and you work all week and find you still struggle. I mean, I have been to the grocery store many times feeling good about the buy one, get one free purchases I made. I won't mention the two boxes of crackers I purchased for $5.00 was priced at $2.49 a box the following week. That might steal some of the joy I got for the buy one, get one free I purchased last week. No, skip that dwelling on that..... I am going with the feel good moment. Just as many people see the political free stuff of today. 
Yup, democrats are offering free stuff and that's what we need.... is their line of thinking, right?
Now, don't blame them..... education is imperative for people to comprehend what's going on. Now, most would know in a New York minute....whatever that is, that the five dollars in tokens was by far less than the two hundred dollars my daughter willingly surrendered it for. They might even catch on to the box of crackers at their local grocery store but ...... now you want to get into the trillions and talk about welfare and taxes and who did what and why and they just stop listening. They don't get that the same concept applies. They hear, " we're going to make it better for you" and they want everyone to believe it. 
In hopes to break it down in a better format  I give you the example.....
 Now.....picture this.... the government has promised you....more benefits..... also known to many illegal immigrants as entitlements, which amazes me since they never paid one tax dollar to justify getting entitlements..... are you still with me? Okay, then....
Somebody has to put the money in the "pot" so you can get free stuff out of it. I mean you can't take something out of an empty pot, right? 
Right! See, you're catching on! I guess you already know that the rich man or woman yelling into the microphone is not going to actually take it out of their luxurious pocketbook, right? Right! So, hmmmm..... where do they go? You guessed it! They go straight to the working man's taxes! You know, the money they said you were paying in to protect you when you are old or disabled and unable to work.... Yes, that's right! That same Social Security benefit you get when you retire. Which by the way, Obama's administration says won't be available by the time we retire because the pot of collected taxes is going to be empty! Hmmmm....but how did it get empty? You paid your taxes all of your life?👀 Now, remember that free insurance they promised you.......
somebody has to pay for it and it's not just about you...... because you agreed to take care of those pitiful illegals who keep crossing our borders. when you elected them. Yup, when you agreed to that you agreed to help feed them and their families and pay for their insurance. Unfortunately, you didn't keep the entitlement pot full even if you did agree to let them to take more out of your check. Doesn't really sound fair now does it? Well, it isnt!  But that's the way it works. If YOU don't fill the Entitlement POT no one else will and don't believe for one minute that they are going to take it from the rich man. You must remember.....they ARE the rich man! For crying out loud!!! Whew! Sorry, that was an unexpected outburst.Okay,  so now we know who's going to be paying for it.
 Let's talk about your parents or grandparents. You know brttre than anyone how little they get in social security each month and you know how hard they worked all of their lives paying taxes and they can barely make it month to month. You don't need to tell me that that isn't right. Nope, I see it too. 
Here's the kicker.....those rich people who are currently locked up in the basement at OUR White House.....want to increase their pay because they live in areas with higher taxes and don't support an increase in Grandma or Grandpas Social Security unless of course they take something away from them. Which for the layman's purpose I will steer away from today.
In closing, think of the free stuff you are being offered as something your child or parent is going to have to work for to pay. Yup, you may get it free but the worker in your family is ultimately going to have to pay for it and about five others.  If you don't have any workers in your family.... well you are the problem. See, people....
nothing comes free and I really dont think you wish to see your children living in poverty also because they were forced to pay higher taxes to make your life easier. 
And here's the biggy..... sooner or later that Entitlement pot becomes completely empty since more people are getting free stuff and less people are working. I mean who can afford to keep filling a pot for everyone else to come take a handful out of it? Afterall, they the working class can't afford everybody's free stuff! 
Then guess what happens? Those people in the basement.....
who won't even let you see what's been going on in the basement
will own you.. yup, there will be no options for will live by the meager morsels they toss from their piggy bank and..... complaining....well, that won't be an option. That basement thingy is working hard so you won't be able to speak out about it, they really don't want to hear it. And don't think you're going to get your gun so you can stand up for your family if the desperatly poor (and there will be many of them) invade your home. Of course the invaders...well, they will still own their guns since theose in the basement can't find them. No, the people in the basement..... they aren't looking at the bad guy, they're looking at you. Yup, that hogwash .... going on in the basement..... is intended to rob you of rights while they have you thinking that free stuff sure would come in handy right about now.
Without you even seeing it, they are planning on owning you.Without, your guns...... you will have no voice.
 Don't look at me...I didn't vote for them.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Regression In The United States of America. Do you see it??

As I observe the events unfolding in our political arena I am incredibly saddened by the regression our Country has somehow managed to find itself in. At times, I find myself wondering if our younger generation has a clue what our ancestors went through to acquire the freedoms that they now own. Many would be surprised to learn that men of color actually acquired their rights to vote, long before WOMEN did! Yet, no one is stopping to notice the REGRESSION!

In 1870, two women tried to get into the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London and were denied access. This started a movement that took 80 years to  achieve. Women's Rights to Vote. They would no longer be silenced! Their opinions finally had credence in America!
This was actually 50 years AFTER the black MAN was given his right to vote yet, I watch as politicians silence women with monetary funding from our tax dollars and a blind eye has been turned, even by the Women Rights Activists who proclaim to fight for ALL women. Wow! That is heart breaking!

Regression my friends, we are in the midst of it! The government on the left says they want you to have more "free stuff". Housing, food, etc. Tell me....wasn't that what slavery was all about, the owner/ master gave you a roof over your head and provided the necessities yet you never really "owned" anything. In fact, they owned you! Hence, the new terminology "Government Plantation" and I am amazed how many are willing to surrender their freedom to achieve nothing really. Keeping in mind, you can't make a lot of money to "qualify" for the free stuff, nope as soon as you do you are on your own, keeping you in their clutches. Which only means one thing, the government owns you,at least until you try and break "free" from their clutches. That is NOT what your ancestors fought for!
Rosa Parks defied the stigma imposed upon  her and sat in a white man's seat. Martin Luther King Jr. called for and achieved through the non-violent Civil Rights Movement, the freedoms people of color had been pleading for. And, in case you didn't know.....he was a minister, A MAN OF GOD who put his faith in the God this Country was founded on. In my opinion, one should not use his name to defend any ungodly acts of violence they perform, that was never his mission! He  and Rosa succeeded through non-violent marches and speeches that reached the ears and hearts of those who needed to hear and through the powerful process of prayer!

As for women, we were silenced for so many years and the struggles we went through took 80 years to achieve! 50 years after the black MAN was given the right to vote. Which leads me to the question..... Why are we turning a blind eye to what is happening to the women who have been paid off (with our very own tax dollars)to not expose the politicians that sexually harassed and abused them? Why are we regressing like this? Having said all of this, I'd also like to point out that  it was 17 years after the black man achieved the right to vote that the Native Americans were considered citizens and that was only if they left their tribes! With Native American blood running through my blood, I have to say, my people were raped and killed, theur land was stolen....the slaves that were brought here were given rights before them. Ponder that. Yet, the Native Americans are a peaceful people and hold no one walking this earth today accountable for what was done to them then.   

To make it simple folks:
1) People(black and white)fought for black freedom, the government wants to take that away by giving free stuff (as long as you will remain in poverty)
2) Women(there were men supporters)fought for their rights to vote and not to be silenced or "kept". Yet, here we are watching politicians silencing women after performing some form of perverted acts upon them. And "kept" by 17 million of tax payers dollars.
3)Native Americans were the Last to be called citizens on their own land, yet no one sees them standing in streets, looting and setting things on fire
4) Last but certainly not least, Christians are being called haters simply because they follow the Word of God. The foundation of this country! And are therefore, watching as the government tries to remove morals and values from our Country, leaving us in the turmoil where our younger generation can't find peace within and are told there is no God...... even being told they have no gender...... that ought to upset every praying Christian in America!

If you don't see regression, it's only because you choose not to!

Written By Violet Holland

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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