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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To Legally Refuse A Speeding Ticket

From YouTube;

DISCLAIMER: The opinions, thoughts, beliefs and claims made by the participant are not my own and do not necessarily reflect my own just as any video I author is not representative of their thoughts, beliefs, opinions or claims.

What Rodney's case proves is that department such as your local police department are private contractors but more correctly, corporations. They are not part of the state government and therefore no delegation of authority has been issued to them.

They are private contractors out to collect a bounty and generate revenue for the local courts which are also private contractors.
They have neither legal or lawful authority. 

It's the same as Taco Bell being hired under contract by the city to send out employees to create claims against you for speeding or littering, arming them with guns so you are afraid and then consent into signing a contract which results in a hearing to be arbitrated by a judge who isn't actually acting as a judge at these hearings.

His case ruling serves as Case Law AKA Common Law and can be introduced into your case filed against any of these fictitious departments posing as state offices authorized departments and agencies.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces Submission Period Open for Governor’s Technology Awards Entries

English: Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe spea...
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~ Submissions highlight IT-driven improvements in government efficiency ~

RICHMOND -- Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson and Chief Information Officer of the Commonwealth Sam Nixon today officially invite entries to the 2014 Governor’s Technology Awards. For 17 years, the prestigious program has recognized the success of public sector information technology (IT) projects that improve government service delivery and efficiency.

Nine award categories recognize the work of local, state and educational entities. Submissions focus on improvements in the business of government made possible by strategic use of IT. All entries must be submitted by a Virginia public body. Entries must be submitted by July 24.

Nominations will be evaluated by a committee of judges that includes IT leaders from state agencies, localities, the legislature, the courts and education. Awards will be presented to honorees at a special ceremony during the Commonwealth of Virginia Innovative Technology Symposium (COVITS) slated Sept.3-4. Executive summaries of winning entries will be posted online to provide inspiration and best practice examples to peers and partners.

Full program details and a list of last year’s winners are available on the event website,; follow @COVITS and #TechinVA on Twitter for news and updates.

The 2014 Governor’s Technology Awards categories are:

·    Cross-Boundary Collaboration on IT Service Delivery Initiatives: Recognizes the innovative use of IT to share data easily across boundaries, create knowledge-sharing
      culture, support common business processes or promote innovative partnership programs. Entries should be submitted jointly by at least two government entities.
·    IT as Efficiency Driver - Government to Citizen: Recognizes the innovative use of IT to improve citizen access to and service from governmental entities. Included are projects which improve citizens' electronic interaction with government, promote availability, usability and/or transparency of information and increase public awareness and adoption of services.
·    IT as Efficiency Driver - Government to Business: Recognizes the innovative use of IT to promote efficiency by improving business access to and service from governmental entities. Included are projects to improve business' electronic interaction with government, promote availability, usability and/or transparency of information and increase business awareness and adoption of available services.
·    IT as Efficiency Driver - Government to Government: Recognizes the innovative use of IT to promote efficiency in government. This category promotes projects that enable organizations to do more with less. Results realized may include a dollar return on investment, realignment of staff time and/or newly transparent processes/information.
·    Innovative Use of Technology in Local Government: Recognizes the innovative use of IT to solve a business problem at the local level. This category is open to any local government entity, including social services, first responders and GIS practitioners.
·    Innovative Use of Technology in Education: Recognizes the innovative use of IT to support the unique missions of Virginia's schools, colleges and universities. Cooperative projects between educational institutions and other governmental entities, including research and development programs, fall into this category.
·    Innovative Use of Big Data and Analytics: Recognizes the innovative use of technology in collecting, storing, retrieving and analyzing a variety of structured and unstructured data sources.
·    Innovative Use of Open Data: Recognizes the innovative use of technology and transparency in making data available to citizens, businesses or other government entities. Preference will be given to those projects that encourage and facilitate creative and low-cost utilization of information to expand and enhance citizen services and engagement.
·    Best Citizen Portal: Recognizes the innovative use of an online portal that demonstrates innovation, functionality, attractiveness, efficiency and ease of use. Open to any Virginia government organization, agency or jurisdiction that is citizen-facing.

Criteria for Evaluation
Entrants should illustrate how the submitted initiative meets the following benchmarks; equal weight will be given to each:
    Business proposition: A clear statement of the business problem, its target audience, and how the new solution leverages IT tools to solve the problem.
    Innovation and technological merit: What tools were used? What makes this solution innovative?
·        Value: Note quantitative metrics such as usage, transaction times, cost savings/avoidance and return on investment; also note qualitative benefits such as improvements to citizen and/or employee experience. Include collaboration if applicable.
    Success: How well did the project attain the stated business goals and objectives?
      Clearly link the outcome to the business proposition set at the beginning of the project.

Eligibility for Awards
·        All entries must be submitted by a recognized Virginia public body. All entered projects must now be in use and have quantifiable outcomes.
·        Private sector organizations may assist in the development of an application for a government partner but will not be officially recognized in the awards ceremony unless noted in the category.
·        Submissions should focus on improvements in the business of government and go beyond a description of a private sector solution to describe the business need that necessitated the project and how the project succeeded.
·        Entries should portray projects that currently are providing service. Subsequent phases may be mentioned, but the measured success of the live phase is judged.
·        Public bodies may submit multiple projects, but only one entry per category will be accepted from each. The same program should not be submitted in more than one category.
·        Collaborative applications representing partnerships between governmental entities are strongly encouraged.

Prior Governor's Technology Award winning projects are not eligible.

All nominations must be received by July 24, 2014, using the online submission form at

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Levi's CEO Says Don't Wash Your Denim

Closeup of a copper rivet on blue jeans.
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Denim aficionados claim you should never wash your jeans, instead freeze them once a month..  ABC News.

Our Notes:  Now here is one way to go green.  Stop washing your cloths altogether.  If you do not have to wash your jeans, why should you have to wash any other cloths?  Don't play in the dirt and stay away from anything greasy or grimy.  If your cloths smell, blame it on top fashion experts.  In fact, it will probably become fashionable to not wash cloths or yourself as part of going green here in the future.  If you can offend a skunk with your own body odor, then you have hit the peak of fashion.

  I think we will stick to the orange philosophy and keep showering as if water were plentiful everywhere.  Wait, it is.  Now go wash your smelly jeans.
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Friday, March 7, 2014

CNN News - Duke student: My porn career is 'freeing'

XXXena (porn actress)
XXXena (porn actress) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Piers Morgan talks to porn actress and Duke student "Belle Knox" about her career, empowerment and society's scorn.

First it's the legalization of dope, then the legalization of Gay Marriage, now they are working on promoting porn in the news.  It's the full demoralization of society.  It has nothing to do with news and it has nothing to do with rights.  It has everything to do with a fascist takeover.  Everywhere we look today, the news is telling us that this is how things are going to be and there is nothing you can do about it.  That is straight fascism.  Link to Wiki page on the subject matter.  
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ted Nugent blasts CNN on Twitter

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ted Nugent blasted CNN and Wolf Blitzer on Twitter after Blitzer criticized him for calling Obama a "subhuman mongrel."

This is just too funny on so many levels.  CNN does not think this guy has a right to have a voice and tells you what you need to think.  Ted Nugent goes over the edge on his criticism of Obama.  Everyone is pointing the finger at everyone else.  No one looks at the facts?  This is news?  Nah, this is just funny stuff pretending to be news.  But hey, Bill Nye is now the new Science news spokesman.  An old washed up kiddie show celeb right?  Ugh!
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Battle of the Hook, 2013 Now Over 1,800 Images Up Online

We now have over 1,800 images up online from the 2013 Battle of the Hook event.  That means we have finally managed to put a dent in our overall collection of images we shot at this event.  Our team was at the event for 3 days starting on Friday evening and didn't finish up until late Sunday afternoon.  We still do not have a final count on how many images we shot.  We had numerous cameras all over and the team was spread out everywhere.

  We have one of the most unique image sets out there as we shot in everything from straight on traditional pictures to panoramic views in various sizes.  Our team was not only at the battlefields we were also in the camps, up close and personal.  What we can say is that we are not even close to half way done with all of the images we have.  To date we have put the majority of finished images from the collection up on Flickr.  We have also shared the images through Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter and we just put up over 700 images on Google+ .

  Not to take anything away from other media outlets, we have seen some truly spectacular images coming from a number of places.  The Daily Press put up a tiny series that has some wonderful photos in it.  Minimeridith is the name of this particular collection, by Meridith of website.  She has a really nice collection of images taken at the battle of the Hook that are well worth your time to check out.  A number of great photos and further information about the Battle of the Hook and it's history is well documented on this Facebook page.  Another great place to check out photos.  These however are from the 2008 event but still worth the time to check out.

We will keep everyone up to date as we continue to put out more images.  It's going to take us several months to finish everything.  We still have not even finished our collection from Friday evening of the event.  Our initial count was around 5,000 images, however, we now know that it is closer to 8,000 images total at this point.  This set on Flickr has 1,575 images to it.  Some are duplicates.  We try not to do this, but with all the images we are working with, it's hard not to.  294 images starting with Friday evening showing set up for the event as well as the battlefield before troops hit it on Saturday.
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