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Friday, November 25, 2016

Gloucester School Board Asking For 44 to 65 Million Dollars Throwing Taxpayers Deeper In Debt

The Gloucester County School Board is asking the taxpayers of Gloucester County to shell out another 44 million dollars to renovate the present high school or shell out 65 million to build a new high school.  These elitist board members fail to take into consideration what that kind of money will do to the average family in the county.  Higher taxes is a burden on families that are struggling now just to make monthly expenses in the present economy.  This hurts everyone with the few exceptions of those who can afford those higher taxes.  It does not matter if you are renting, it means your rent will have to go up to cover the new taxes.  And for what?  We are always told it's about the children.  Someone please show me the figures of how many students Gloucester has graduated that have moved on to an Ivy League college.  Does anyone have that figure?  

  Just because you throw money at something does not mean education improves.  Gloucester wants to put those huge windows in the high school like they have at the new Page Middle school, which by the way are on the wrong side of the building now costing tax payers a bundle in extra heating costs because the windows face north instead of south.  

  How can we trust them not to make all the same mistakes they made with Page which is a disaster by most measurements and considered as such by many throughout the county.  

  How many people will be put over the edge financially because of an ever growing tax demand by school officials who seek nothing more than to build their own empires?  We have a shrinking student base, not a growing student base.  We have had a shrinking business base, not a growing business base in Gloucester.  So where is that money coming from?  Where is the budget to help the poor, disadvantaged, homeless people in the county?  I would rather see that kind of money go to helping the local people who need it, not some ego hungry empire building school board that wants to throw money at looks, but it has nothing to do with education.  How does improving the looks of a school or building a new school improve education?  It doesn't.  But these elitists will do everything to sell you on the idea that it does.  Don't buy the hype.  Check into every aspect of it yourself and learn everything you can.  Just because they make it sound good, does not mean it is good.

  Demand justification for every benefit they try and sell you on.  Demand that the school board stop the wasted spending on over priced staff that has nothing to do with education but instead called administration.  As taxes continue to escalate, people will move to cheaper areas to live forcing yet higher taxes on those who remain further decreasing the value of improving looks of a school and shrinking the student base that is already in decline with no improvement in sight.  

  How these elitists justify grabbing more of your money?  Well, they live here too.  But as their empire grows, so does their pay.  And if the pay is still to low to cover the new taxes?  Pay raises are demanded to meet educational needs.  It's a great game they play against us because they can't loose.  

  This article is not meant to reflect on all of the hard working highly dedicated teachers that work for the Gloucester County School Board.  Overall the teachers do a great job with ever lower budgets despite ever increasing tax money given to the school board.  Where is that money really going is a wonderful question to ask.  The school board did not need to renovate an old school they closed and make it their headquarters, but they are empire building so........

  We highly recommend that everyone stop buying the slogan that it's all about the children.  They know that the slogan is very hard to argue against.  But it's nothing more than a slogan.  

  So here is our counter slogan:  "When elected officials see the citizens as nothing more than their own private bank, it's time to replace our officials.


Monday, June 20, 2016

The Governor's Weekly Top 5 - It's not what they say, it's what they don't say

Since the beginning of the McAuliffe administration, 707 economic development deals have been closed in Virginia with more than $11.24 billion in capital investment, which is more than any previous governor in the first 28 months in office. Governor McAuliffe is focused on growing the #NewVAEconomy and continuing our historic economic success.

The Governor’s Top 5

  1. Governor McAuliffe announces unemployment drops to 3.8% as GDP rises 1.4%

·         “The continued decline in Virginia’s unemployment rate, combined with our most significant increase in state gross domestic product since 2010, is a testament to the success we are having growing and diversifying our Commonwealth’s economy. Despite the ongoing headwinds generated by sequestration and federal defense cuts, Virginia’s economic growth is creating new opportunity and a quality of life for families across the Commonwealth.” - Governor Terry McAuliffe


  1. Governor McAuliffe announces historic SMART  SCALE transportation process that uses objective data to prioritize projects


·         “Virginia is the first state in the country to use an outcome-based prioritization process to select transportation projects. My team and I were proud to work with a bipartisan coalition from the General Assembly and localities and regional bodies across the state to develop reforms that make the absolute best use of taxpayer dollars by investing in the right transportation projects. No longer are we allowing politics and wish lists to determine what gets built. This process is critical to moving people, jobs, and commerce, all of which is essential to building the new Virginia economy.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe
o   State transportation board to vote on $14.4 billion plan – The Richmond Times-Dispatch
o   Waynesboro gets huge state transportation funds – the Staunton News Leader

  1. First Lady and Governor McAuliffe launch food crop donation initiative to aid food banks through tax credits


·         “The First Lady and I are working hard to reduce hunger in the Commonwealth by creating pathways to nutritious food for all Virginians. This new budget allows for $250,000 to be issued in tax credits annually for farmers who participate in the program. This is an opportunity for our farmers to help provide healthy, Virginia-grown food to the hungry in their communities, while also receiving a valuable tax incentive. Through these newly created partnerships with local non-profit organizations like Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, we will provide greater access to healthy food for our most under-served citizens.” - Governor Terry McAuliffe

o   Virginia farmers get new tax breaks for food bank donations – WVIR Charlottesville (NBC)
o   McAuliffe signs food crop donation tax credit bill – The Danville Register & Bee

  1. Governor McAuliffe signs ABLE Act at Richmond Special Olympics to financially assist individuals and families with special needs


  • DETAILS – Governor McAuliffe ceremonially signed the ABLE Act at the opening ceremonies of the Richmond Special Olympics this past week. This legislation creates 529 savings accounts for individuals and their families with special needs in Virginia. These account are designed to help save for college free of means testing at the state level. Governor McAuliffe was joined by Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn, the patron of the original bill (HB 1103), which commanded bipartisan support during the 2016 General Assembly session.

·         “Tonight, we recognize the incredible contributions these extraordinary people make in Virginia. I am pleased to join Delegate Filler-Corn to sign ABLE, a financial tool that will help individuals with special needs and their families succeed … We are committed to helping all Virginians achieve their dreams and realize their full potentials.” - Governor Terry McAuliffe

o   Special Olympics summers games kick off at UR – WRIC Richmond (ABC)

  1. Governor McAuliffe launches “Who’s Your Driver” campaign to deter drunk driving in Virginia


  • DETAILS – Governor McAuliffe launched the “Who’s Your Driver” campaign at the Richmond International Speedway this week with the Virginia State Police. This initiative is aimed to increase public awareness of drunk driving issues and deter Virginians from driving drunk through the use of a designated, sober driver. The program will micro-target millennial men, who are statistically more likely to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Highway Safety Office and DRIVE SMART Virginia also partnered with the program.

·         “Keeping Virginians safe is a top priority of my administration and deterring drunk driving through ‘Who’s Your Driver’ is a big step forward to lower traffic accident and fatalities. We will continue to emphasize the importance of a designated driver and this program’s success is attributed to the partnership and collaboration of the Virginia State Police, the DMV’s Highway Safety Office, the Richmond International Speedway, and DRIVE SMART.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe

o   McAuliffe announces grant for apprenticeship programs – Charlottesville Newsplex (CBS)

In Case You Missed It

·         32 new jobs coming to Henry County with feed production operation facility – Danville Register & Bee
·         Turning potential into participation key after restoration of ex-felons’ voting rights by Jamal Watson – DiverseEducation
·         McAuliffe signs bill to prevent sexual and domestic violence – WVIR Charlottesville (NBC)
·         Governor, state legislators visit Fort Pickett – The Virginia National Guard

Now here is what they are not telling you and also, how to read between the lines:

What they are not telling you is how much debt they are saddling the state and or federal government with.  Many new corporations have in fact moved into Virginia, but at a tremendous cost to all Virginian's.  Read what they are saying above.  All the government grants or better put, corporate welfare, that has been given out to get companies here.  Now let's look at that even deeper.  How many of those companies are paying a living wage to it's employees?  Maybe all of them but only to the folk's at the very top of the company in Virginia.  But did those same companies hire management from within the state of Virginia or did these corporations just move their own people from somewhere else?  So what we are really seeing is a huge influx of very poor paying jobs which translates into more people moving onto the welfare rolls increasing the burden for higher taxes to cover these extra expenditures.  It's a really neat trick if you are not paying attention to what is really going on.  And look at all of the socialists lining up to write such rosy articles to tell you how great socialism is.  It's a sinking ship and we are all under water now and it's only getting worse.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gloucester, VA Blank Check Tax Election Candidates, The Blakes

Are Gloucester County residents being asked to sign a blank check on the upcoming elections for the school board as well as the board of supervisors positions?  One has to ask that question based on how the deck has been stacked and the fact no one has told you that this may be the case.

  We just learned that running for the school board is Ms Hook, a local attorney here in Gloucester.  One of the members running for the Board of Supervisors is Graham Blake.  Ms Hook's maiden name?  Blake.  Relationship?  Father daughter.  Now even though they are seeking positions on different boards, you can rest assured they both will be serving the same interests which could very well mean they could end up costing the county by far more money than anyone ever expected.  Almost akin to signing a blank check for the raising of future taxes as the school board seeks ever increasing money to fund very poor programs and a failing system.

  This is exactly what everyone in the county is presently complaining about.  Neither one of the candidates have mentioned this to the public.  Are they assuming that we are all supposed to know this?  Though there is no appearance of anything illegal about this in any way, the potential for future conflicts of interests are very real concerns for all the citizens of Gloucester.

  A fact of life, a father is going to make sure he takes care of his daughter.  Are we to believe that this will not follow through in government as well?  Whatever daddies little girl asks for, daddy is going to make sure she gets it?  This just does not sit well with us by any means.  As others learn about this, we hear the same remarks.  Why the papers in the area missed this is also a matter of question.

Ms Hook, second from left.

Graham Blake, second from left.  Like father, like daughter.
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