Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Courts Want $9,250 Per Pirated Song, But BMG Will Settle For $20

Foo Fighters performing live
Foo Fighters performing live (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
With the “six strikes” initiative on it’s way to the United States – where ISPs will begin warning Internet users illegally sharing copyrighted material, and then restricting their Internet access after six warnings – major labels and publishers seem to be moving closer to what they feel will be an effective anti-piracy campaign. However, the people over at BMG Rights Management don’t seem to be completely satisfied and have begun seeking out settlementsagainst file sharers – not in court for thousands of dollars, but rather for just $20 online.
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BMG is the fourth-largest music publisher in the world (based on revenue) and is home to artists the likes of Bruno Mars, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, John Legend, Outcast, will.i.am, MGMT and several others. The company does not seem to feel that the ‘education’ approach to the “six strikes” initiative is enough for their clients and are now attempting to generate revenues from alleged file sharers, as reported by TorrentFreak.

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Yet you can stream in radio through the Internet and record any song you want from that stream.  You can easily record regular radio as well.  Any song you want.  However, you are infringing on the rights of the copyright HOLDERS.  You can copy TV programs to your hard drive on your computer or TiVo, VHS and even DVD.  But again, not legally?  Wait, you can do these things but you can not download these things even though everyone and their brother is hosting them all over the Internet.  The Internet police are now watching everyone and everything we all do.  

  It is illegal to circumvent copyright protection in the United States yet circumvention of copyrights for CD's software and films are sold everywhere such as Wal Mart, Target, Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot and more.  Everyone sells the circumvention technology that is illegal to use in the US.  Is anyone confused yet?  What messages are we all being told every day?  You can not do this and here is how you do it and where to buy it.  By the way, if we catch you there is a fine plus jail time.  But no one is watching as we watch you follow our instructions on what to do that you are not doing.  Okay?  Huh?  No one can get this story straight.
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