Thursday, September 20, 2012

Civil War Sites In Gloucester, VA

A question recently asked is are there any Civil War sites in Gloucester, VA. The answer is yes, however, they are not promoted sites and little information is available on them.  Gloucester Point Beach could be said to be one.  The first shots fired in the Civil War in Virginia were right here from Gloucester at or around Gloucester Point beach.

  We do have some proof of that as we are presently re working a digital edition of a book written by a local man who fought during the Civil War and later wrote about the action here in Gloucester and around the nation.  The name of the author is Andrew Jackson Andrews and as soon as we are finished withe all the edits we can make, we will be making the book available to everyone for free.

  Another site with very poor parking is Tyndal Point Park.  The poor parking can't be helped as there is no place to add parking in the area.  Tyndal Point Park is on the left hand side just as you come off of the Coleman bridge.  After the first shot fired in Virginia of the Civil War, there was a battle in the area of Bethal.  Bethal is in the Ark area of Virginia which you can find on route 17 past the Courthouse area.  Where the battle took place in Ark is not readily disclosed and there are no battlefields in which to visit.

  It was not long after the battle of Bethal that Gloucester residents were informed to evacuate as the North took hold of the area until the end of the conflict.  The courthouse area does have a monument to Civil War veterans in the historic Courthouse Circle and you can find some information about the Civil War in Gloucester at the Gloucester Museum that is located right next to the Courthouse Circle.  Other than that, there really isn't much else to see in Gloucester regarding Civil War battles or history.

  We will note thought that Gloucester does put on a yearly event commemorating Civil War history and they usually do a great job on this.  You can go to the links bar at the top of this site and visit the Gloucester County events calendar link.

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